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Get a life or Go to Hell!

There's this fuc*** gay who's been stalking me for months now. He kept on hounding me in all ways possible. He calls himself "eivnuj". He pretends to know everything about me. He's been creating stories to converse with other people that surrounds me. What's more startling is that he was able to come to my hometown, took pictures of all schools I went and my yellow lab, "frau", appeared a hostess gay screaming outside our house, stomped around my parent’s offices, threatened to commit suicide … he persistently shows up to where I could possibly be. He’s been harassing me and spreading malicious rumors about me.

The harassment eventually crossed the line into criminal stalking. He even tried to befriend my housemates just to gain access to my pad. He broke in to my room, took my wallet and some of my belongings. I now feel fear for my safety. And I am now seeking the help of an attorney. I should never be blamed and should never feel ashamed. I’ve do…

Overnight @ Divine's Place

With Ate Divine, Jed and Joice.
Overnight from 5 pm to 1 pm the other day.
Food Trip!
Gin Velocity.
Open-Ups. Confessions. Issues.
Fun ... Fun ... Fun ...
No Goodbyes, Joice. Till we meet again.

I am sick ... and tired ... ehem ehem.

I have been relentlessly bothered with allergic rhinitis for 2 months now. Contrary to my expectation, it’s getting worse each day. I recently had to argue with my mom ‘cuz she wanted me to visit my will-be 5th ENT specialist this morning and that we have to drive all the way to Manila for the check up. Not that I don’t want a health check. But Manila is 3 hours away from our place and that I have to endure polluted smog and scorching heat, it’ll trigger sneezing, sniffling and coughing “to death”. My exposure to smoke, dust, pet dander and extreme weather is what makes me ill with this unending … “ehem ehem” and this is why my cough and colds have never truly left me.

It’s been nearly 2 months now. It’s like I had them forever, getting well one day, having bouts of cough the next, a runny nose for a few days, then shortness of breath, sore throat, hoarse voice and the pits, voiceless at all. Sometimes I am afraid not to wake up anymore. I started having colds in December last year wh…

Questions Answered

I've been asking myself why I am, if not always, most of the time, getting this opportunity to either head a team, lead the line, strut to modeling stint, etc ... etc ... all of which will expose me to the world of critics and gossip mongers, where all eyes riveted on me and that I am subject to acclamation, moreover to iniquitous defamation. I have never dare myself to publicly expose myself to the limelight as I am sick and hell tired of haters and odious losers. Bitter? Nah. Getting too much attention is more of a niggling bothersome state for me. In spite of this, I never hate it, and capriciously, I am beginning to love it. Whoah!

"Start anew!" as I always say, and this change is a part of it.

I recently checked my FS horoscope (yeah, I do gaze at it) for February 11, 2009 and found this ...

The Bottom Line

You have charm and smarts that add up to one unbelievable person. Celebrate you.

In Detail

"A friend has been chiding you for being too hard on yourself, and they…

Model for Teaser Project (Fabe Clothing, Philippines)

an invite from Vic Fabe

I'm looking for persons who are willing to model for my Teaser projects.

What : 6 boys / 6 girls. No height requirement. Just a clean face, meaning less pimples.

When : This coming Monday and Tuesday, Feb 9 & 10. 3 pm onwards at my studio in Ortigas.

You'll receive a copy of the pictures of the teasers I'm going to make.

Just choose the day when you are free. 3 boys/ 3 girls per day.

How to join : Please make a comment here so I can check your multiply. I will send a private message to those I will get.

I'm looking for certain features that's apt for the two teasers I'm going to make.

If you're not chosen, it does not mean that I don't like you. I'm just looking for a particular face for my project. I have other projects that can best fit your profile.

I have many projects lined up this year so I'm sure I will be able to work with you all. I'll make all my announcements here on my blog.

Thank you and don't forget to add…

Submission Deadline

That’s about it guys! I was able to send some photos, however, since I am not yet prepared for the underwear shots, I failed to complete the requirements.

Here’s another online conversation a day before the submission deadline.

Richmond: amanda
Amanda Tan: yes dear? what can I do for you?
Richmond: you need to have the photos until tomorrow right?
Amanda Tan: 12 noon why?
Richmond: 12 noon EST?
Amanda Tan: 12 noon singapore time why/
Amanda Tan: any probms?
Richmond: no actually, everything's fine. i dont have my undie and trunks photos as of yet. but i will be working on it today. does it matter if it will be taken at night?
Amanda Tan: it does because the light wouldn't be sufficient to hold your skin right
Richmond: well, i still have tomorrow morning. outdoors right?
Amanda Tan: yup
Amanda Tan: how tall are you?
Richmond: 5"6, why?
Amanda Tan: that's good! now at least I now have a 5'6" that's exactly fit for one project that I will not disclose with you yet heh…

First Modeling Stint Proposal from Singapore

E-mail message from Amanda, associate producer of MTV Asia and creative director for Ace Saatchi- Saatchi.

"Can you please update your photos (solo) so that we can evaluate which projects fits you best for our presentation and for our upcoming modeling projects. I am stationed here in Singapore and would love to hear from you. Please send me yourcontact number so that we can talk along with YM account so that it would be easy for us to contact you should we need your services immediately.

I am Amanda and I would like to hear you soon about this.
By the way you are not required to pay us in any way. We pay you first 50% of your talent fee as down payment no questions asked.

First online conversation thru YM

Associate Producer: hi dear
Associate Producer: how are you

Richmond: im doing fine ... bout you?

Associate Producer: doing great
Associate Producer: are you one of our applicants for modelling?

Richmond: am I qualified for that?

Associate Producer: I assume
Associate Pro…