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Happy Birthday, JM!

Finished Strong, Start Stronger!

Yet another  big surprise!

Thank you to my BPI Ylaya-Padre Rada and BPI Jose Abad Santos families for the support. This recognition will not be possible without your help. I share with you this compliment I have received this month. It was an overwhelming surprise since we never pushed much to get this far. I’m glad we all did this for the fun of it.

Much thanks to Ma’am Jennifer, Ma’am Mavic, Ma’am Rhodz, Sir Mark, Ma’am Tin, Ma’am Leonor and Sir Maki, this is for all of us!

Thank you, 2013!

After a long hiatus, I am back in front of my laptop putting into words the very significant episode of my 2013. I have been trying to find my mojo to get an impetus to start what I’ve been longing to do. And I know my being busy should not be an excuse. There's just a myriad of events i would like to share but I honestly have no idea how will I start as I only have one main thing to talk about here, “gratitude”. This year has been a downright reversal of the previous. It was a 360 turn.
Welcoming 2013 for me was liberation from a catastrophic year. I have made major let-downs, caused too much pains, severed ties, made bad decisions, broke promises, and busted self-worth. I considered myself a failure … my world collapsed. Anyhow, I mustered challenging 2013 with positivity, promise and prayer (a lot of it). I greeted the year with a hopeful heart and an open mind.
Starting anew shoved me to start with a clean slate. No more bottled-up emotions. I got exposed, I learned to trust peo…