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Submission Deadline

That’s about it guys! I was able to send some photos, however, since I am not yet prepared for the underwear shots, I failed to complete the requirements.

Here’s another online conversation a day before the submission deadline.

Richmond: amanda
Amanda Tan: yes dear? what can I do for you?
Richmond: you need to have the photos until tomorrow right?
Amanda Tan: 12 noon why?
Richmond: 12 noon EST?
Amanda Tan: 12 noon singapore time why/
Amanda Tan: any probms?
Richmond: no actually, everything's fine. i dont have my undie and trunks photos as of yet. but i will be working on it today. does it matter if it will be taken at night?
Amanda Tan: it does because the light wouldn't be sufficient to hold your skin right
Richmond: well, i still have tomorrow morning. outdoors right?
Amanda Tan: yup
Amanda Tan: how tall are you?
Richmond: 5"6, why?
Amanda Tan: that's good! now at least I now have a 5'6" that's exactly fit for one project that I will not disclose with you yet hehe he he
Richmond: but why?
Amanda Tan: I'll disclose to you once we've gotten the papers ready
Richmond: what papers? and how will I know I'm in?
Amanda Tan: let me repeat what I said earlier
Amanda Tan: the moment you've submitted the photos we then process these and turn them into setcards for proper presentation to all 560 clients
Amanda Tan: once a particular client approves you we then process the papers and submit these to the ministry of foreign affairs under the immigration department
Amanda Tan: the moment your working visa is released I then send you first money for your processing
Amanda Tan: on your side
Amanda Tan: which means that you're already approved
Amanda Tan: I then process your tickets for your travel here in Singapore and I send them over electronically
Amanda Tan: that's how your ticket is released
Amanda Tan: meaning you're approved the moment you receive your money for processing & your ticket
Amanda Tan: I also send you a copy of the working visa
Richmond: alright, you seem to busy huh. where are you now? still in malaysia ?
Amanda Tan: yes dear
Amanda Tan: toxic
Amanda Tan: but I have time for my talents
Amanda Tan: sorry if my chat is slow I'm using my PDA to talk with you
Richmond: no that would not be a problem. amanda, what if?
Richmond: only if ...
Richmond: i cannot make it tomorrow? will there still be a chance for me to get in?
Amanda Tan: yes
Amanda Tan: next year
Amanda Tan: or the year after that
Richmond: alright, i need to work on it. i guess ... hehe
Amanda Tan: ok then
Richmond: alright, how many talents do you have so far? here in the philippines ?
Amanda Tan: I've gotten over at least 876 talents both men and women from your country alone
Amanda Tan: yours is the most lucrative
Amanda Tan: I am having a hard time with the indonesian and thailand state
Amanda Tan: argh they are so gruesome
Richmond: and you are from?
Amanda Tan: when I say gruesome it means hard to work with
Amanda Tan: I am from Singapore
Amanda Tan: with Orang Iching descent and Orang Malay heritage
Richmond: you like like American anyways ...
Amanda Tan: oh I look like Orang Futih? he he he he
Richmond: well, again ... all pictures should be taken outdoors, right?
Amanda Tan: yes dear
Amanda Tan: by the way what is your background in modeling?
Richmond: again, ive done none yet. school affairs only
Amanda Tan: ok
Richmond: will that be a prob?
Amanda Tan: nope it wouldn't be a problem especially on the way you project on the camera that's not an issue.
Richmond: so you think , I have what it takes to be a part of your talent pool
Amanda Tan: I wouldn't spend my time, resources & money on you if I am not sure that you can't be part of my pool
Richmond: thank you much!
Amanda Tan: so let's swim
Amanda Tan: he he hee
Richmond: i believe you have lotsa things to do. thanks for your time. I cant wait to swim with you soon.
Amanda Tan: the photos should present you as
Amanda Tan: powerful
Amanda Tan: seductively sexy
Amanda Tan: and raw
Richmond: ahh h... ahhh ... okay
Richmond: you can contact me anytime ... +63905-------
Amanda Tan: did you get my mobile number?
Richmond: yeah .. i have it
Amanda Tan: ok good
Amanda Tan: if you have questions just text me ok?
Richmond: no problem ... so, amanda. photos will be sent tomorrow ...
Amanda Tan: 12 noon singapore time
Richmond: sure

Bad thing! I wasn't able to make it.

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