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Turning of a Leaf

After reviewing my resolutions plotted for this year (2009), I was thrilled to say that most of them have been met. I am genuinely confident that I could keep my resolutions despite a few inevitable slips. That is because, I am committed to it and I prepared myself to fulfilling it. Yey!

So as we put the holidays behind us and dig out from underneath all of the wrapping paper, it is now time to engage ourselves to this ritual (should I say) of making a New Year’s resolution.

Now why do you think it is necessary for us to create one?

Well based on my own experience, when you create a goal the soonest possible time, it predicts better success in actually achieving it. And of course, being ready to change also helps. If you don’t want to change and so only make a half-hearted resolution to do so, don’t be surprised by your amazing lack of success.

So as we face the New Year – 2010 help me set new (achievable) affirmations ….

I know the power of affirming my truth, over and over, everyday!

A Celebration of Life (LOLA AQUI)

LOLA AQUI was finally laid to rest this afternoon at 3 pm in Siniloan Cemetery.

Our family would like to express our appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to all of our relatives, friends and well-wishers who surrounded us with their love and care during our period of bereavement. We were deeply touched by the numerous calls, visits, prayers and words of encouragement. Your acts of kindness and generosity made our burden more bearable. We thank you from the depth of our hearts.

God knows best and she has found her seat in Heaven next to all those who have past on.

May the soul of our beloved and departed LOLA AQUI rest in eternal peace. We loved her dearly but God’s Love is supreme.

LOLA AQUI, Not a day goes by that you are not thought of. You continue to live in our hearts every second of the day. As you take your rest from this world full of hatred and greed, we can rest assure that you are in a better place. May your home-going bring us to the realization that our times are in God'…

Aquilina "Lola Aqui" Acorda Valdenaro

You will always and forever be remembered!

Gain and Lost

The party have just ended ...
It was all fun and I really had a great time. I was with my girl every single minute and that's what I've been yearning for long time now. But I need to cut it short. Hours before the tentative time for the party to end, I left.
It could have been better if I still get to take home a prize (apparently, I won one). However, as my name called, I am nowhere to be found. Not because I want to, it's merely because I have to.
I have to work soon after the party. I only gulped 2 bottles of (light) beer which is so not me. I didn't get the chance to whoop it up since I'd be heading straight to the office. To be honest, I am not supposed to work on Sunday. It's my day-off. But I've decided to cover the earliest shift since the one in charge of it hosts the party and may fail to cover it due to fatigue. I took the risk and yet the consequence of this priority was losing some chances.
I felt awfully bad that my win was voided just becaus…

Dare you to Move!

I have just seen “The Secret Law of Attraction”. And I can vouch that there’s a lot of truth to it. Say for instance, have you ever noticed that when you acted as if people were trustworthy and helpful, they became trustworthy and helpful? Hence, if you acted in ways that signaled you didn’t trust them, they would’ve changed their behaviors accordingly. Your beliefs and actions had a large role in making the state of affairs match them.

Because people are afraid of failing and believe and act as if they will fail, they end up scripting reality to match their beliefs. Hence the important point of learning to become comfortable with failures and mistakes is that you’re less likely, in the end, to make the biggest mistake: to remain steady, dependable, and run-of-the mill. Being remarkable is risky and brings its share of mistakes, but the bigger risk is to sit on the sidelines waiting for the world to give you your chance. Which is never going to happen? I really hate those people who al…