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Getting a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

I can finally breathe. For the last 2 nights, I barely get to sleep after learning that my passport application was put on hold. I scarcely have 3 weeks before my scheduled flight. Everything has been laid down and for some odd reason; I still don’t have a passport. I freaked out! I’ve been convincing the CSR’s of DFA to somehow consider my few available papers at hand, but to no avail. I almost lose hope. I came up with the possible scenarios of rescheduling, have my mom take my post and even to the extent of cancelling my flight (booking is non-refundable). I am utterly perplexed! Backing out should never be an option and should never cross my mind at all … at any cost. What should I do?

Of all tasks noted in my organizer, applying for a passport is the most urgent, with high priority flag. And yet, procrastination (for once this year) killed it! It was deferred for two (2) weeks! Not acceptable! (I hear my mom and ton’s voices whispering in my ear). In my lethargic routine, I should…

Messed Up!

I'm booked for my first trip abroad 2 weeks ago (in a sudden, undecided plan). It wasn't me who booked the flight so I had no choice but to nod.

My bad! Too much procrastination kills me. I never thought that this f*ck*n express passport delivery would require me to present a digitized government ID or else, they'll have my application pending. So this instance caught me totally off guard. I only have about 3 weeks to work on it. My bad!

I'll have to go to the DFA Manila office early (as early as 4 am) tomorrow to apply. And I have to endure hours of waiting and another crazy queue! D*mn!

*this marks my first blog for this year and yet ...
tsk tsk ...