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I am sick ... and tired ... ehem ehem.

I have been relentlessly bothered with allergic rhinitis for 2 months now. Contrary to my expectation, it’s getting worse each day. I recently had to argue with my mom ‘cuz she wanted me to visit my will-be 5th ENT specialist this morning and that we have to drive all the way to Manila for the check up. Not that I don’t want a health check. But Manila is 3 hours away from our place and that I have to endure polluted smog and scorching heat, it’ll trigger sneezing, sniffling and coughing “to death”. My exposure to smoke, dust, pet dander and extreme weather is what makes me ill with this unending … “ehem ehem” and this is why my cough and colds have never truly left me.

It’s been nearly 2 months now. It’s like I had them forever, getting well one day, having bouts of cough the next, a runny nose for a few days, then shortness of breath, sore throat, hoarse voice and the pits, voiceless at all. Sometimes I am afraid not to wake up anymore. I started having colds in December last year when my cousin, Ton, showed me lots of funny videos from YouTube (I don’t blame him though). And after minutes of countless guffaws, I had this tingling sensation in my throat, got fever and outrageously got sick for no reason. Is it bad for me to laugh my heart out? I have yet to know that!

“You must see a doctor!” Mom, with a raised voice, yelled at me. Not again! We’ve been trying to befriend each other for weeks now and this is what I’m getting. Ugh! Good thing Dad is always at hand. We calmed her down and I made a promise to be serious in my medication and that includes absenting me from my barkada. I can’t disagree much. Welcome isolation! Expect fluffier face (caused by steroidal – Claricort) and eye bags (due to sleep disturbance) in days ahead.

I noticed a big change in me during this bout. Not only do I have hyper-sensitivity to allergens, I am also sensitive, as much as possible, I hate movements and disturbance in my room. I need to relax, stress is becoming contagious!

That’s all for now, in a week or two, I anticipate to tell a healthier episode.

Anyone who has the same problem, catch me, i need you. I'm freaking out!


Big. Bad. EJ. said...

Calm down, dude. :) Take the opportunity to rest as an avenue for self-renewal. Everyone deserves a quiet time. Meanwhile, indulge yourself in your hobbies, e.g., internet, movies, PSP, etc. Don't resent too much, it will take you longer to heal up that way. Lots of good things will wait for you after this short "isolation." God bless. :)

deamonaire said...

Thanks EJ! I appreciate that.