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Get a life or Go to Hell!

There's this fuc*** gay who's been stalking me for months now. He kept on hounding me in all ways possible. He calls himself "eivnuj". He pretends to know everything about me. He's been creating stories to converse with other people that surrounds me. What's more startling is that he was able to come to my hometown, took pictures of all schools I went and my yellow lab, "frau", appeared a hostess gay screaming outside our house, stomped around my parent’s offices, threatened to commit suicide … he persistently shows up to where I could possibly be. He’s been harassing me and spreading malicious rumors about me.

The harassment eventually crossed the line into criminal stalking. He even tried to befriend my housemates just to gain access to my pad. He broke in to my room, took my wallet and some of my belongings. I now feel fear for my safety. And I am now seeking the help of an attorney. I should never be blamed and should never feel ashamed. I’ve done nothing wrong and what felt so bad is that this insane stranger is obsessed with me.

I suffered horrendously from this stalker as I gave up my pad, changed phone numbers and have been ill with incredible trauma with homos, stout and bald guys. I really don’t know what’s going on with this guy. It isn’t fair! My life, in some ways, was turned upside down. I endured constant psychological trauma. And this has to end.

I AM DOING NOTHING. Seriously. I realized that taking heed on this matter will only give him the urge to do more harm as he’s getting my personal attention. I am ignoring everything, even the biting and all personal attacks. I am leaving it all to the authorities.

At times, I am still receiving messages from this erotomaniac-delusional stalker. I don’t care at all. I am not scared a bit. If you enjoyed sensing fear from others, you’re not gonna get it from me.

If you can’t get some life, you might as well go to hell.


Big. Bad. EJ. said...

This is scary, Joseph. Have you tried asking advice from a lawyer or have you submitted the theft incident for blotter? Anyway, my prayers for your safety, and you be careful always, dude. :)

deamonaire said...

our family lawyer knows about this already. any harassment or threat will now be subject to legal actions.