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Lost in Rome (Laughed, Lost, Learned)

Something is really unexplainably exhilarating getting lost in a foreign land. The mixed emotions of panic, anxiety and enchantment coupled with fatigue and tight budget, in some way fires up our sensation. One would say Rome is the hardest to explore even with a map on hand. And the absence could spell either a misadventure or a marvelous escape.

After our guided visit to the magnificent churches in the Vatican, we walked our way to La Soffitta Renovatio where we had a sumptuous lunch. Sitting next to the heads of the company, I recalled my travel buddy “Otep” was missing. It took half an hour before he got in as he, together with his “amiga”, lost their way following our flock. Henceforth, I have decided to stick with him and keep a close distance with the group. After the end of tour, we were transferred to the Spanish Steps.

Our tour guide left us wandering the streets of Trident, the luxury and exclusive shopping centre of the city.

Finding ourselves at the heart of the shopping cul…