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Live in and for the moment

Live in the moment, from moment to moment; not moment with moment.
Living "moment to moment" is to live from point to point, with each point full of awareness in the present instant.
Living "moment with moment" is to live with attachment to the bygone past or yet-to-come future.
Crossing the river of time, we move from one stepping stone to another. If we can only be physically on one stone at a time, so should we be mentally - to prevent falling.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bigshot!

Young, Wild and Free

Happy Birthday, Engr. Mon!

Sleep well, Lola Dory

Goodnight Lola Dory ... Sleep well.

Thank you for all the love and care you've showed us. We will forever cherish all the memories we've spent together. Your laughter, your grin ... will unceasingly be a picture of genuine happiness for us.
It's a bitter sweet farewell, Lola. It's never easy to bid goodbye. But Lola, you will always be in our hearts and minds. Where you at now is a perfect place where you should be. No more pain, Lola Dory. 
You rest in peace in the arms of the Great Lord above. You will always be remembered and will forever be loved.
See you at our Grand Reunion ... in Heaven.