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Model for Teaser Project (Fabe Clothing, Philippines)

an invite from Vic Fabe

I'm looking for persons who are willing to model for my Teaser projects.

What : 6 boys / 6 girls. No height requirement. Just a clean face, meaning less pimples.

When : This coming Monday and Tuesday, Feb 9 & 10. 3 pm onwards at my studio in Ortigas.

You'll receive a copy of the pictures of the teasers I'm going to make.

Just choose the day when you are free. 3 boys/ 3 girls per day.

How to join : Please make a comment here so I can check your multiply. I will send a private message to those I will get.

I'm looking for certain features that's apt for the two teasers I'm going to make.

If you're not chosen, it does not mean that I don't like you. I'm just looking for a particular face for my project. I have other projects that can best fit your profile.

I have many projects lined up this year so I'm sure I will be able to work with you all. I'll make all my announcements here on my blog.

Thank you and don't forget to add me as your friend, so you will be updated always.


About 50 aspiring applicants (most of them experienced model already) signed up for the said project. Sunday night (deadline), out of nowhere, unprepared, I decided to give it a try. I was second to the last person to autograph and minutes after, Vic made his choice already.


Personal message from the photographer.
Feb 8, '09 7:22 AM


When can you come for the teaser shoot. Monday or Tuesday, around 3 pm.


OMG. I can't believe I'll be chosen considering the line of experienced models.



For some reason, this is the only time I was able to get your message. I've been checking my account every single day. It could be that I overlooked it or that there's some delay. It's Tuesday, 3:58 pm. I have no intention to disregard your invite and much as I would like to hurry myself to attend your photoshoot, it'll be late. My fault.

It was really surreal being considered for your photoshoot and I really appreciate it.

I am looking forward to be working with you in your upcoming projects.

Once again, I am really sorry, Vic.

I hope to hear from you ... soon.


Another disappointment. tsk ... tsk ...

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