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Palawan Adventure: El Nido ~ The Sun and the Sea

On our first day in Palawan, we went Island hopping to discover the limestone islands looming around El Nido interspersed with some snorkeling. We've seen Twin Rocks, Miniloc Lagoons, Entalula Island, Shimizu Beach and 7 Commandos Beach, although we were not able to hop between the islands due to time constraint.

I personally enjoyed best our trip to the secret lagoon. This can be reached by bangca up to the entrance in a low cliff. We had to swim through a rock opening to get to the beach. And inside is very shallow but with fantastic corals. This is where I got most of my cuts and scratches. But if you snorkel at the opening, you'll see lots of fishes (Nemo!). However, this could be hard because the current will push you out of it. Cool! Once inside, you'll be in a secret world, enclosed by black marble walls and covered in thick exotic flora. This cliff-lined world is totally quiet, the tranquil serenity inside broken only by the sounds of birds and cicadas. You need …

Palawan Adventure

Yey! Tomorrow, I'll be in Palawan for a well-deserved getaway!

I am overly excited for this trip.

So finally, I am getting to ride an airplane for the first time! Haha ... I've been anticipating for this moment 2 months now. Yet I am not stressing over the possible things that could happen. I am up for everything! Just get it on!

September 24, 2009

DEPARTURE from Manila
3:30 PM

ARRIVAL to Puerto Princesa Terminal
5:00 PM

Drunkard Geekness

Damn! I'm back to my old vices ..

Drinking ... Binge Eating ... and 10 hrs Feverish Sleeping

and when I drink, it's like a lot! and I won't stop till i'm crazed.
The same predicament goes with smokers. Good thing I managed to quit with this thing.

I gained 9 lbs in 2 weeks and too bad that it's all hoarded in my midsection.
What the!?


If all you had to do was wish for something and you would have it, life would be pretty boring, wouldn't it? God placed barriers between us and what we want, so we can enjoy interesting and satisfying lives. God hid our biggest rewards behind the highest barriers - our deepest fears. God wants us to face our fears, and hold ground in their presence, and let them go, and that's how we get out biggest rewards. What are you most afraid of? Say it, just start by saying it.

Ber Months

'Ber' month's here!

We only have 4 months left of 2009. We have to make the most out of it.

Christmas countdown begins. (is this too soon? well at least we now have a reason for positivities).

Live Life!