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I've been asking myself why I am, if not always, most of the time, getting this opportunity to either head a team, lead the line, strut to modeling stint, etc ... etc ... all of which will expose me to the world of critics and gossip mongers, where all eyes riveted on me and that I am subject to acclamation, moreover to iniquitous defamation. I have never dare myself to publicly expose myself to the limelight as I am sick and hell tired of haters and odious losers. Bitter? Nah. Getting too much attention is more of a niggling bothersome state for me. In spite of this, I never hate it, and capriciously, I am beginning to love it. Whoah!

"Start anew!" as I always say, and this change is a part of it.

I recently checked my FS horoscope (yeah, I do gaze at it) for February 11, 2009 and found this ...

The Bottom Line

You have charm and smarts that add up to one unbelievable person. Celebrate you.

In Detail

"A friend has been chiding you for being too hard on yourself, and they are right. It's time that you realized just what a rock star you are! Beating yourself up over something that happened in the past (that you can't change now) doesn't do anything except hurt your self-esteem. It also keeps you from taking important risks in the future. You've got to be honest with yourself today. You have all the charm, good-looks and smarts that add up to one fantastic person. Pat yourself on the back."

Am I unbelievably fantastic person? Wahey! I could probably be.
I cannot disagree much, I'd rather go on ... Celebrate Myself!


angel said...

u r a deep person. just be yourself :)

deamonaire said...

am I deep? hehe, perhaps!
thanks, angel!

Big. Bad. EJ. said...

yes, you are one fantastic gorgeous guy with looks to flaunt. so go show yourself to the world and don't mind what other people say. after all, you're the star. :)

deamonaire said...

of course, ej, i'd expect you to say that. you're too nice! thanks for believing in me!