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Time heals all wounds

Oct. 28, 2015 1:48 am
Singapore to Manila
Time heals all wounds.

It has been 3 years since that dreadful event. I once again conquered Singapore but in an utter strange emotion this time. I travelled filled with love and exuberance. And right now, I am heading back to Manila with a satchel sealed nothing but euphoric memories and rather noteworthy “firsts”. This was entirely different from the last time when all I had was a load of emotional baggage and a mask of remorse. Thought this moment wouldn’t come any longer. I thought I have lost my optimism back then. I dared not to go back as I have lost face and have no idea how to gain it back. I stayed in the corners of a fail-safe sanctuary for quite a long time. 
Part of my growing up is learning how not to wallow in pain and conflict. I believed that my mind could find a shelter of peace so I can move beyond any problem. I turned out to be responsible for myself and I learned not to blame any one or any circumstances that seem to be…

A welcome and A comeback

Couldn't be happier spending a nice vacation here in Singapore with the most beautiful lady in my eyes. Meet the very first lady I fell in love with, my "My", her name "Lolita".

Timeless Friendship

In a benevolent arrangement of things, I grew up witnessing one of the world's greatest friendship to tell. Hence, I learned to set high value on spontaneous kindness and selfless act. Evident on their smiles, this endless friendship is unmistakably unfeigned. Thank you "moms" for defining love and compassion to us in a million little things.

Blood is thicker than Water

PAL PR731 Sept. 27, 2015 1:48 pm Bangkok to Manila
Blood is thicker than water, they say. But does it always have to be blood that binds a family together? I say NOT.
I have just concluded an incredibly amazing trip to Bangkok with a group of people I’ve shared good kinship with since I was a kid. A family I grew up knowing was related to me. Needless to question how it happened, our history draws back from our ancestry.
What makes a family? While others trace their roots and bloodline, I resort to merely feel my senses. It’s love and loyalty from the ones who wants you in theirs, who accepts you for who you are, who never doubts your ability, who supports you in realizing your dreams, and who loves you wholeheartedly. It entails varying definition and infinite qualification. 
While all these sounds to be idealistic in the world clamped with a multitude of deceitful pseudos, I’m glad to have met them in this lifetime.
Fully grateful and proud, I introduce you my Garcia family. 

 I fondly call…

Thank you!

I am truly grateful and fortunate to share this point in my life to everyone who tirelessly showed support from the very start of this journey. It was just a dream until this day and it wouldn't have been possible without y’all. 
Special thanks to my team, Ma’am Mirasol and Sir Bryan for your trust and belief. We thrived the past year because of your handwork and dedication. Thank you for your tremendous efforts. I am glad working with someone who is as hungry for challenges and excellence as I am. You both made my working day fun despite all the pressure. Most of all, thank you for not giving up on me. 
Hugs to my BPI Arranque family, BAM Eric, BDM Jeni, ABD Chit delos Reyes, Gracepark/Divisoria Team, BM Mark Ong, and to all our beloved clients. Words here wont be enough to express my gratitude to each one. I could not have made it without your support and encouragement. Know that I will continue to work to the best of knowledge and ability. 

And to the GREAT GOD above, to you be al…

Jocund Jakarta

And it aint over yet!

Stun in amazement. 
Philippine delegate to the Premier Bancassurance Awards to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Whoah! Sharing this triumph with my #BPI Arranque family and our preferred clients. #ToGodbeTheGlory


A short stop at the wooded hillside of Montjuic.

Thank you!

While I am humbly honoured to have received these recognitions after a year’s work, I am more than proud to dedicate these awards to my extraordinary colleagues, #OneArranqueTeam. You guys  deserve more than just a commendation for all the effort, selfless support, and relentless determination.
On stage with Mr. Surendra Menon, Ms. Jennifer Sanchez, Mr. AIbee Cantos, Ms. Nabie Alejo
my 3 new babies! I've got 3 on my first year!
with my BPI Arranque family

with Bryan Tan and Mirasol Dino
I am pleased to profess my appreciation to RM Mirasol Dino and SA Bryan Tan, my strength and my secret. I only had a vague notion of what can transpire when we are teamed, but you translated it into one invincible squad. You fueled our desire to reach our goal and you aligned your dream with mine. Thank you for making the best happen. There is nothing I can say which will have a greater impact than what you have done.

I also would like to thank our ABD Ms. Rosario delos Reyes, for constantly reminding…

Stage Fright, No more!

Today, I was able to surprise myself by conquering my stage fright. 
I have never felt comfortable speaking in front of the public much more to a crowd not known to me. Adding up to the challenge, we were asked to speak in pure vernaculars. While I seem contained and assured dealing with clients, public presentation is something I have yet to master. The fear of being heckled and critiqued defenselessly consumes me. In more ways than one, this anxiety once controlled my life choices leaving me with regrets and unanswered questions. I have suffered long enough from this anticipatory fear and shame and have decided this has to end.  
Unlike every presenter, I did not rehearse. I did not focus on myself. And unusually, I thought of the situation as an opportunity, not a threat. This approach sets myself to go through the presentation without any anxiety. No self criticisms, no internal struggles, and more importantly no stammering. It made me more engrossed on the material and connected…

Le Grand Saut - Annual Awards Night 2015

Lost in Rome (Laughed, Lost, Learned)

Something is really unexplainably exhilarating getting lost in a foreign land. The mixed emotions of panic, anxiety and enchantment coupled with fatigue and tight budget, in some way fires up our sensation. One would say Rome is the hardest to explore even with a map on hand. And the absence could spell either a misadventure or a marvelous escape.

After our guided visit to the magnificent churches in the Vatican, we walked our way to La Soffitta Renovatio where we had a sumptuous lunch. Sitting next to the heads of the company, I recalled my travel buddy “Otep” was missing. It took half an hour before he got in as he, together with his “amiga”, lost their way following our flock. Henceforth, I have decided to stick with him and keep a close distance with the group. After the end of tour, we were transferred to the Spanish Steps.

Our tour guide left us wandering the streets of Trident, the luxury and exclusive shopping centre of the city.

Finding ourselves at the heart of the shopping cul…