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Thank you!

While I am humbly honoured to have received these recognitions after a year’s work, I am more than proud to dedicate these awards to my extraordinary colleagues, #OneArranqueTeam. You guys  deserve more than just a commendation for all the effort, selfless support, and relentless determination.

On stage with Mr. Surendra Menon, Ms. Jennifer Sanchez, Mr. AIbee Cantos, Ms. Nabie Alejo

my 3 new babies! I've got 3 on my first year!

with my BPI Arranque family

with Bryan Tan and Mirasol Dino

I am pleased to profess my appreciation to RM Mirasol Dino and SA Bryan Tan, my strength and my secret. I only had a vague notion of what can transpire when we are teamed, but you translated it into one invincible squad. You fueled our desire to reach our goal and you aligned your dream with mine. Thank you for making the best happen. There is nothing I can say which will have a greater impact than what you have done.

I also would like to thank our ABD Ms. Rosario delos Reyes, for constantly reminding me to bring my A-game. You may not be the easiest mentor but I know that you genuinely want the best for our team. It all paid off, alas!

How could I forget the newly promoted Branch Manager, Mr. Mark Nino Ong? It has been a pleasure to have worked hand in hand with a man of reliance and conviction. Thank you for the trust. #HeartStrong

We may have had our contrasting ideas and principles but the persistent match triggered my drive to succeed. Thank you, BDM Jennifer Sanchez for the challenge. #MetrowestNumber1

It may seem unarticulated and obscure but I take pride to be a part of the entire Gracepark/Divisoria team. Josh, Thea, Eds, Melvin, Ron, Jhoanna, Ivy, Ruru, JM, Shey, Dess, Blanca, Airon, Ella, JL, and Sir Teejay … Let us all strive to keep better each day. #GraceparkMovers

And big thanks to my BAM Mr. Eric Gabas for the boost of confidence and shield of defense. You were the first to believe.

As they say, “every good job is the beginning of good things to come”. May this one be the start of a greater job that makes our future … Awesome. Well done, guys!


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