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Thank you!

I am truly grateful and fortunate to share this point in my life to everyone who tirelessly showed support from the very start of this journey. It was just a dream until this day and it wouldn't have been possible without y’all. 

Special thanks to my team, Ma’am Mirasol and Sir Bryan for your trust and belief. We thrived the past year because of your handwork and dedication. Thank you for your tremendous efforts. I am glad working with someone who is as hungry for challenges and excellence as I am. You both made my working day fun despite all the pressure. Most of all, thank you for not giving up on me. 

Hugs to my BPI Arranque family, BAM Eric, BDM Jeni, ABD Chit delos Reyes, Gracepark/Divisoria Team, BM Mark Ong, and to all our beloved clients. Words here wont be enough to express my gratitude to each one. I could not have made it without your support and encouragement. Know that I will continue to work to the best of knowledge and ability. 

And to the GREAT GOD above, to you be all the honor and glory. 

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