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Time heals all wounds

Oct. 28, 2015 1:48 am
Singapore to Manila

Time heals all wounds.

It has been 3 years since that dreadful event. I once again conquered Singapore but in an utter strange emotion this time. I travelled filled with love and exuberance. And right now, I am heading back to Manila with a satchel sealed nothing but euphoric memories and rather noteworthy “firsts”. This was entirely different from the last time when all I had was a load of emotional baggage and a mask of remorse. Thought this moment wouldn’t come any longer. I thought I have lost my optimism back then. I dared not to go back as I have lost face and have no idea how to gain it back. I stayed in the corners of a fail-safe sanctuary for quite a long time. 

Part of my growing up is learning how not to wallow in pain and conflict. I believed that my mind could find a shelter of peace so I can move beyond any problem. I turned out to be responsible for myself and I learned not to blame any one or any circumstances that seem to be out of my control. Then I went out of my comfort zone, I let my guards down and let lose. I became me and incredibly worked me wonders. 

With too much realizations, my cynicism no longer exists. I became so appreciative of man’s nobility. No longer afraid of unrequited love and confinement to oblivion. Most importantly, I learned to let go and live by loving. I don't want to sound so mawkish but all things changed not only because I have gone through a lot, but also because I have been hurt enough to realize the people I can't live without. I found a purpose in living for the people I love and to cherish every moment of consciousness with them.

Before I get too cutesy weepy, let me end this saying …

“Our past is a story that should never be told, a secret that should be kept, but a memory that should never be forgotten.”

Thank you Tonski, Tia Baby and Mommy for this wonderful journey. It was so much of a memory that I surely will never forget.  


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Roman Leo Reyman said...

I was reading blogs about SG as I am also cooking up something for my family when I came across your blog. You look familiar and I suddenly realized that we work in the same company pala. How's SG for a family trip?

Anyway, good to know that SG gave you new perspective on your second time there. :)