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Gain and Lost

The party have just ended ...

It was all fun and I really had a great time. I was with my girl every single minute and that's what I've been yearning for long time now. But I need to cut it short. Hours before the tentative time for the party to end, I left.

It could have been better if I still get to take home a prize (apparently, I won one). However, as my name called, I am nowhere to be found. Not because I want to, it's merely because I have to.

I have to work soon after the party. I only gulped 2 bottles of (light) beer which is so not me. I didn't get the chance to whoop it up since I'd be heading straight to the office. To be honest, I am not supposed to work on Sunday. It's my day-off. But I've decided to cover the earliest shift since the one in charge of it hosts the party and may fail to cover it due to fatigue. I took the risk and yet the consequence of this priority was losing some chances.

I felt awfully bad that my win was voided just because I aint there to accept it. Should they've known my intent why I left, I should've been given not just the prize but a more deserved commendation. I am not lifting my chair for crying out loud. I just need to feel good somehow.

I may sound so annoyed this time but this will all be gone. It's just one of my shares of bad luck.

I'm sleepless for 24 hours ... and counting ... That's what I've got.

My apologies, guys. I just need to vent out.

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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