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Thank you, 2013!

After a long hiatus, I am back in front of my laptop putting into words the very significant episode of my 2013. I have been trying to find my mojo to get an impetus to start what I’ve been longing to do. And I know my being busy should not be an excuse. There's just a myriad of events i would like to share but I honestly have no idea how will I start as I only have one main thing to talk about here, “gratitude”. This year has been a downright reversal of the previous. It was a 360 turn.

Welcoming 2013 for me was liberation from a catastrophic year. I have made major let-downs, caused too much pains, severed ties, made bad decisions, broke promises, and busted self-worth. I considered myself a failure … my world collapsed. Anyhow, I mustered challenging 2013 with positivity, promise and prayer (a lot of it). I greeted the year with a hopeful heart and an open mind.

Starting anew shoved me to start with a clean slate. No more bottled-up emotions. I got exposed, I learned to trust people and got vulnerable … I let my guards down. Thus, I’ve become more immersed to my relationship to people. Consequently, I have gained treasures money can’t buy. So I have nothing but appreciation to everyone around me.

To my ever-supportive family, Mom, Dad, my dear Lolas - Upeng, Apaz, Imang, Abing and my 3 sibs – Raymond, Renz and Eco; Thank you for always believing in me. I may have put you down a couple of times but you never questioned my capability. You are my inspiration and my motivation to keep getting better. I love you!

To my second family, Tito Adriel, Tia Baby, Ton, Kakai, and Jules; words are not enough to express how much I value your presence. While we no longer have long talks over meal, please know that your pieces of advice were known by heart. No matter what the future holds, you will always be a family to me. I miss you guys!

To my (ex) girl, Rochelle; you made me a better man. I cannot wait for the time when we can be together again and laugh at your elephant jokes. I won’t buy it still but I will always be here for you. Bear that in mind. I’m not saying “I love you!” haha …

To my best friends Herbert and King; I owe you not just a bottle but cases of beer for always being absent on our nomo sesh. They might think that we bond over drinks only.  Can’t wait to surprise them with our intellectual talks about Law, Politics, Engineering, Finance and even lovelife! You guys made sensible advice when it comes to life. Cheers to a decade of friendship!

To my favourite girls: Cha, Tinah, and Lissie; ugh … you girls are my kryptonite. I can never say no to your invites. I miss our Distillery nights! Bottoms up! Need part 2 of our Laguna escapade with Zane, Jack, Ivann and Coy. Come home, Ching!

To Ivann, Jade, Bogz, and the Pureza-V. Mapa tropas; you guys are the craziest friends! I can only count days where we got to see each other this year but never were a dull moment. Let’s do one more YouTube-worth dance video!

To the Secret Society: Lai, Giz, Jed, Carla, Det, Nico, Dona, Mic, et al., my ever-loyal friends; Thank you for incessantly inviting me to every out-of-town trips. I may have missed 80% of it but do know that I appreciate the times we spent altogether. I look forward to our next summer escape. Out of the country soon?

To my new found family: Tita Jing and Zoe; thank you for welcoming me as a part of your family. It was a coincidence to meet you but the outcome is a lifelong friendship. It’s a pleasure to know you.
To Nang Jackie; thank you for being there at the most unpredictable occasions. We may have a lot of misunderstandings but you never left. Our story is an accident as well but it was a good one. Remember the cheapest night out (Php 175 I guess)? Let’s do more of that! Hopefully, you can bring me to Bacolod next year.

To my BPI Ylaya-Padre Rada family: BM Jennifer Ong, FSO Mark Ong, Tin Ilustrisimo, Rhodz Ogalesco, Leonora Lynn Tan, Joice Lacanlale-Limoso, John Mark Vitug, Kuya Larry Mico, Kuya Dado and Kuya Noel; Thank you for making me a part of this amusing family. You guys made me feel working like fun.  A huge part of my success comes from the exerted effort of our team. I share with you all the accolades and commendations accorded to me. BPI Ylaya for the win!

To Tribu Kulit, Playboys, Batang Kanto, PREX, and some more friends I’ve chanced this year, thank you for the camaraderie. Let’s get even crazier this coming year. You know I’m just a yell away.

And finally, all praises and gratitude to the GREAT GOD above.  For without HIM, everything will not be possible. I am forever grateful for the outpour of blessings HE has bestowed upon me and my family. I do not deserve all these but despite my shortcomings, HE never ceases to hear my supplications.

As we now head to our last day of year 2013, I once again confess my need of HIS presence and guidance as we face the future. I pray for strength and wisdom to meet challenges in the midst of life’s uncertainties. I thank God for the promise and hope of this New Year, 2014, and I look forward to it with expectancy and faith. 

May we all have a Blessed and Wonderful year ahead!

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