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SS goes to Oakwood

The Night is Young … and so are we! ~ Jackie Cacho

The SECRET SOCIETY’s pre-Christmas party at Oakwood Hotel.

My BPI Family at Elisha's 7th Birthday


Let us a take a ride back … 1997 the year it was.
Coined initially as “WETEWEWET”, an act of poking one’s butt hole, a slang word derived from nowhere. In time played by tongue to eventually voiced as a palindrome “WEREW” for no apparent reason.Well that’s our story … “WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP”.
We are a caboodle of individuals with different personalities … bonded tightly through matching sentiment and harmonizing state of mind. Each has his own share of wild undertakings and crazy adventures.A peculiar mix of brat, nerd, spoiled, vain, actor, gangster , hearthrob(?)… (name it, we have it!). We are just but an ordinary barkada with extraordinary peeps in it. We get so high just being in each other’s company.We laughed and cried hard at each other’s drawback … we oh so love doing the stupidest things together.
We fondly call ourselves: Gimo, Bong, Chard, Mario, Robert, Albert, Jelyn, More, Ryan, Henry, Mond, + some more friends that came along our way.

Our friendship was tested by time. We …


I've always been supportive of the President's ideals BUT now. This issue on our claim to Sabah has gone out of hand. The President himself (as ill-advised by his kibitzers) unwittingly gave up and with conviction, even threatened his men should they continue to fight for this cause. My take, the President might just have given additional arguments for Malaysia in strengthening their own Sabah claim. Rather abash his people, do exhaustive research and for all its worth, support his own race.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 2013 Year of the Water Snake

Wishing us all prosperity for the coming year!

ISDAAN Floating Restaurant and Park