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Let us a take a ride back … 1997 the year it was.

Coined initially as “WETEWEWET”, an act of poking one’s butt hole, a slang word derived from nowhere. In time played by tongue to eventually voiced as a palindrome “WEREW” for no apparent reason.  Well that’s our story … “WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP”.

We are a caboodle of individuals with different personalities … bonded tightly through matching sentiment and harmonizing state of mind. Each has his own share of wild undertakings and crazy adventures.  A peculiar mix of brat, nerd, spoiled, vain, actor, gangster , hearthrob(?)… (name it, we have it!). We are just but an ordinary barkada with extraordinary peeps in it. We get so high just being in each other’s company.  We laughed and cried hard at each other’s drawback … we oh so love doing the stupidest things together.

We fondly call ourselves: Gimo, Bong, Chard, Mario, Robert, Albert, Jelyn, More, Ryan, Henry, Mond, + some more friends that came along our way. 

Our friendship was tested by time. We had brotherly disputes. As lovers do, we at some point in time broke up. Some versus a few, a group opposed to a tandem, even one in contrast with another … what matters though was that we stood ONE for each other against everybody. Hence we conceitedly yell, “BUMANGGA  GIBA”!

Highschool graduation (year 2000) was a bitter sweet end for all of us. Some squabbles were not mended and things subsequently fell apart. We parted ways and failed to reach out. Others were lost in the dark and nowhere to be found. Thought WEREW was nothing but a sweet memory and time has come to bid goodbye. Gone were the days, as they say.

Yet clock ticks faster than we imagined. More than a decade was wasted for WEREW clique and no one wants to just let all the memories wound up. While we no longer get the time to bond all together, we strive to relive a tradition we once called “MEETING” (an alibi to guardians for consent to stay up late) or a “REUNION” (a never-ending flunked get-together). Surprisingly, these excuses still work. In pieces, we pulled out all the stops to gather each soul no matter what the toll was. And yes, WEREW was reborn.

Now, separated by miles and seas, the friendly fire still blazes in our hearts. For this we believe we have rekindled inner spirits. Our guts are interlaced thus distance will never be a challenge for our friendship to weaken down. We can weather tests others easily succumb to. We treat each other more than just a brotherhood. We are and forever will be best of friends to guide through all bends. This friendship is something that can never be bought, a treasure that can never be sold.

This is us, this is our story, this is WEREW.

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