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ONDOY Update: Class Suspended until Saturday

MANILA – The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said Wednesday that classes at the tertiary level in Metro Manila and other areas placed under a state of calamity will remain suspended until Saturday.


Kim Belarme said...

hi Joseph.

how were you during the disaster? hope you and your family were fine. we were safe and dry. just had to be stranded in the office for 36 hours since Friday night. the entirety of Paranaque was flooded, but our house was safe, so was our office. :)

do you have a facebook account, by the way?

Kim Belarme said...

EJ here by the way. Kim Belarme is now my official online name, everywhere. :)

deamonaire said...

Hi Kim,

I was surprised to see my room in a total mess. All of my appliances and furnitures are useless. My clothes are soaked in flood water for 2 days. I am really devastated.