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It's my Birthday!

It was my first to celebrate birthday in the office and indeed, ‘twas fun!

Thank you to my BPI Arranque family: Ma’am Mira, Ma’am Luz, Ma’am Teena, Sir Bryan, Ma’am Leonor, Ma’am Lani, Ma’am Karmi and Ma’am Joy for chilling with me. It was a tad busy day for us all and yet you took time throwing me a bash. The periodic singing of the birthday song from morning to dawn was amusing.  Not to discount the inadvertent misspelling of my name to “Joseth”  while you fondly call me “Richmond”. Was that cake really for me? Haha …
Anyhow, what I am more pleased was how you welcomed me wholeheartedly as part of your family. It has only been 2 months since we were introduced and yet you all made me feel like I’m home. I look forward to working with you for the next years to come. Cheerfully, I get to spend more birthdays with y’all.

Ma’am Luz, you took me by surprise. It was just precisely what I am gazing to have for the past weeks. =) Thank you!

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