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My "not-so perfect kidneys" (Update)

It has been a week since the doctor told me that I should have my kidney transplant soonest possible. Worry struck me in an instant on how will we able to produce that much in such a short time. Pulling out each family member’s resources and savings might be possible. Surely they will help and find ways especially at this trying time...however, what will be left after? There are still so many things that can happen...

Asking for friends help gave me second thoughts. Pride is hindering me from making a move. But where do I stand now to think twice about it? Even my own savings can't do much! for the past 5 months i'm trying to make both ends meet to buy meds and do lab tests.

But GOD is really great. He provided me courage to move forward and realize the power of family and friends. I might not be able to reach my goal of 15,000 generous hearts but it's much more enlightening that with just a small amount I’m asking for, YOU ARE ALL WILLING to give even more than what I needed.

You have helped me lessen a heavy burden and I am in much delight that in the past 5 days since we started knocking to your doors, you've responded and shared your blessings without hesitations. As of this day, we're close to 1/3 of the goal amount. Indeed, GOD provides.

I am genuinely grateful for all the help you have extended - support, financial assitance, prayers, referrals, words of encouragement, helpful messages, and most of all, reaching out to help. Everything is very much appreciated. I may not be able to mention names just yet but soon, I’ll find a way to pay forward.

I took time to share with you how things begun with my "not-so-perfect kidneys" on my notes on facebook. As soon as I am admitted at NKTI (National Kidney and Transplant Institute), my husband will give you updates on my page and other family members will do so as well on their own pages.

Words are not enough to express how thankful I am. May God bless you in abundance. I'll see you all soon :)


Dear Friends,

If you are in the US and would like to share any amount for my friend's transplant, kindly see bank account info below:

Wells Fargo Bank
Statement/Mailing Name: Geraldine Lara / Valery Jane Valera-Basco Trust Fund
Account # 3650193489
San Leandro, CA. 94577

Many thanks,


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