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My "not-so perfect kidneys"

Kindly spare a little of your time to read the letter from my dear friend Valery Jane Valera-Basco

Let's all include her in our prayers. 

And hopefully, by spreading her letter, we can help her raise fund to facilitate her kidney transplant.

Thank you...



My "not-so perfect kidneys"
By Valery Jane Valera-Basco
Written March 1, 2012

August 2011. All month I’m coming home with a literally heavy problem – my legs are swelling! I consulted a doctor and was asked to do tests. Urinalysis showed UTI (Which is normal for me since once a year starting 2007, it has been visiting me constantly) and high uric acid (thank you, Daddy for passing that on me?). Medications were given and soon enough, bye bye UTI. However, the swelling(manas/edema) remained and the doctor asked me to do more lab tests. So I went to another clinic for second opinion and just after the doctor felt my swelling foot, he said, “tsk tsk…kidney failure yan, magpa-nephro ka na”. denial.  Failure? Kidney? But it was just MANAS! Fortunately, the next day, a nephrologist was available and so she confirmed that indeed, it is kidney failure. It can be of many types, has different ways of getting acquired, and most of all…IRREVERSIBLE. Soon, I will have to do dialysis. However, the progression of the disease can be halted.

Telling the family is not that easy…it took me time to do so. I have to be strong myself to accept it and do something about it. My husband respected that decision and just supported me with it. Even when I told the family about it, I did not say about the dialysis part…

September 2011. Laboratory tests were done. Plenty of them. Medications started. Plenty of them! And to put cherry on top, a very strict diet implemented for months. Good thing I was able to save, I don’t have to bother anyone to spend for my own carelessness. What I got is Chronic Kidney Disease. Could have started way back from college years habits of lots of coffee, less water, lots of junk and canned goods and again, less water. My UTI recurs yearly since 2007 but then I just withdrew (not strictly though, but at least i started loving water) from these habits around 2010 when we're kinda preparing for a baby…too late. Maybe, it has been there early 2011 but didn't show any symptoms at all. I feel as healthy as a horse. Who would have guess, my kidneys are struggling inside my body to keep on functioning.

Every time I am scheduled for lab tests, I have faith that my creatinine level will lower down and I will get through this disease. However, it keeps on getting higher despite of religiously taking all meds and following doctor’s advises. What could be possibly wrong? But I kept my faith and hope. However, after two more batches of tests. I still had the same outcome.  

 In just 5 months, true enough, yeah, it was halted…later January 2012 when I had my latest result – both kidneys shrunk in size, no more tissues covering them, only scars left. Still functioning, though very weak. 7.8/100%. If it has gotten down to 2%, dialysis starts. How soon will it be? Who knows.

That was the hardest blow ever. I had to pour it out. I cried for two nights and then I stood up and thought straight how to open up to my family. The more I avoided social networks, calls, and texts…It would be much harder to answer “I’m okay” to “kamusta?” greetings. I managed to keep it as well from people at work the past months I had this disease…I have to act normal. I don’t want to let anyone worry just yet.

A week or two passed and I got ready to tell my family. It has to be through text or else I might not be able to deliver. And they started calling from Laguna, and I started talking and crying (a little at least).

Three days after (Feb.22), relatives scheduled another nephrologist appointment. I filed my first ever leave at work (this SY) with a reason of having doctor’s check-up. Little did I know that I will be dropping by that afternoon to finally tell them about my health condition and that, I won’t be able to finish the school year with my students…

Here I am now, recommended for immediate pre-emptive transplant while there are no other complications happening yet. I will have to do work-up or laboratory tests by Mar.2 or 3; undergo two dialysis to lower my creatinine level; have transplant on Mar.9; remain isolated for 5 days after transplant; and I’m on my way to fast recovery.

My brother will willingly donate one of his kidneys to keep me alive…and all your kind hearts will help me get through this…

I am very grateful. Thank you very much…one way or another, tables will be turned and you will be blessed ten-folds.

I am sorry if I took you by surprise…I needed to gather strength myself until I can face you without tears and with conviction, I can proudly say, “I am strong, I am not scared to risk the procedure. I trust in GOD, He’ll give my life back.”

I’ll see you all soon...



My Dear Friends,

I come to you as a friend in need in what seems to be the most challenging time of my life. My kidney has given up its battle. But I have not.

My kidneys need to be replaced the soonest possible time and we already have a donor but the procedure itself is too expensive.

I have been praying for 15,000 generous people to share P100 each to help facilitate the transplant. Please help me by signing up or asking someone who could help.

By taking time to read this you have given me hope, with what you can share you have given me life. I cannot promise prizes since this is not any raffle promo or a product I can make and sell...but please write your name on the sheet in the envelope so I can thank you through prayers.

I will be forever grateful...

Valery Jane Valera-Basco
Mobile #: +639226755244
Acct. #: BDO 180394738

Diagnosis and medications started since September but the disease progressed rapidly and now considered end-stage, with 8.7/100%. spending starts as soon as the donor gets tested and it won't really be over until i get back to normal months after transplant.

Please help me send through email or Facebook to your family or friends who are willing to help.

Thank you very much!


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