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"Laslas Bag" Modus Operandi

Christmas is just around the corner … and so are the malevolent criminals who take advantage of this season to stage their modus operandi.

Just a couple of hours ago, I fell in a trap of what they called “Laslas Bag Gang” while inside the bus on my way to work. I am thoroughly aware that these delinquents loom around the metro waiting for no particular victim. This time though, it’s ME. This happened in broad daylight.

My bag was slashed using a small razor sharp blade. I am totally oblivious during this time which I guess took only 10 minutes.  The executor used a large bag on his lap enough to cover his hand while lacerating the fabric

He actually caught my attention because he was too uneasy. But considering his get-up (barong and dress pants), no one would think of him as a crook. I have been so cynical to people especially in public places. Argh, I should have followed my instincts.

Luckily, my phones and wallet were secured on a pouch inside. Nothing was snatched but he left quite a sizeable hole in my bag.

So be careful pedestrians! 

Pay special attention to your bag, case, wallet etc. when travelling. Be mindful of the surroundings, even to your sensations.

Don’t fall prey to these evil-doers.


Anonymous said...

I'm now a victim of this modus. This certain manong just ruined my bag with a big cut on it's side. I'm so excited to go home that I forgot to be extra careful of my belongings. It's a good thing that my bag has a lot of papers in it that he wasn't able to steal my wallet and my cellphone.

Be extra careful guys!

deamonaire said...

we really have to be extra careful. much more now that xmas is fast approaching.

irish said...

I'm new here in manila I'm also a victim, the same with your description luckily my wallet and phone are not lost.