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Dear Ma

I regret being born the way I was.
I can almost imagine myself as a baby just out of your womb, howling and screaming like the whole wide world owes me something.
It's so sick that I came crying madly, even though I don't remember.
I regret having been a bad baby, kicking around when still inside you.
I have no one to blame, I got myself into the prison of the womb.
I got myself born into the prison of the world of suffering.

No one owes me anything.

I am indebted to this world.
Forgive me, Ma, for the shameless crying.
I was not used to this world, even though I came into it the same way countless times. I was never used to being reborn.
I came into this world not to trouble anybody; I came to save myself from its troubles.

I will be brave, Ma.
And one day, I will return - without tears.

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