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FishVille Power Level Guide, Hints and Tips

What is Power Leveling?

Power leveling is the term used to describe the process of leveling a character as rapidly as possible with the least amount of play time.

FishVille Main Strategy in getting the most of your experience points is by raising your fish to junior level 1 and quickly selling them as soon as they mature to that status. Another reason to remember is that you also get XP when you buy a fish.

Here’s an example:

Shy Hamlet

Buying XP: 18xp
Growth: 4 hours
Junior 1: 89 coins, 60xp
Junior 2: 178 coins, 120xp

Power Level Trick where you buy the fish(18xp)->raise to level 1->sell(60xp)->re-buy eggs(18xp) = 96xp Total 4 hours = (24xp per hr)
If you wait and sell, you buy the fish(18xp)->raise to level 2->sell(120xp)->re-buy eggs(18xp) = 156xp Total 8 hours = (19.5xp per hr)

The Fastest XP per hour is the Power Level Option. However if you want to effectively power level you have to be available to feed your fish almost every 15 minutes and have time put away to kill because if you pass the time to feed the fish your fish will die.

Power Level 1-8 Guide

Check the Fish Chart here and you will see the fastest xp per hour fish is the Mini Dart Goby with 78xp per hour. However keep in mind you MUST BE READY to feed your fish every 5-10min max or they will die. So in 1 hour you have to check in and feed your fish at least 6 times, 12 times for 2 hours and etc.

If you have time to kill, stick with the GOBY as they are the fastest to get you to level.
Sleep: When you go to sleep buy the Shy Hamlet

Power level 8-14 Guide

At this point you can still keep doing the GOBY strategy or you can buy the Blue Green Chromis during the day for 17xp per hour and Percula Clownfish when you sleep for 21.93xp per hour.

Power Level 14-33+ Guide

Again buying GOBY is still the best xp per hour however it is very time consuming.
At this point, level 14 you have the option of buying Inland Silverside 26xp per hour for during the day and still keeping Percula Clownfish when you sleep.

Level 33 you can buy Bartlett Anthias for 22.66xp per hour and replace Inland Silverside.

Fishville Xp Fish Chart


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