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Mess around, Dust it up!

I don't want it to be such that I came into this world to mess it up. There is a place for everything and everything should be in its place.

We both come into this world and make a difference or we don't. A life that makes no difference is rather pointless; and the differences we can make are either for the better or worse of the world. Every time I enter a world that is "not mine," such as someone's home, any place that is not my home, I try to take the effort not to mess it up in any way. I don't want to make any mess of any form anywhere in this world or the next.

To not create a mess is clearing up your own personal mess. My personal mess is my collection of bad habits from my greed, hatred and ignorance harmful to myself (others not involved-I already told you I try hard not to mess up others' lives in any way!).

I also try in helping others to realize their personal mess and the messes they are creating in the world, helping them learn to clear it all up.

If we were to all clear up our personal mess, and help each other do the same, there would be no mess left.

We all mess around ... Who's not? Just dust it up!

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