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Can you believe it?

Thanks to my DSM Family for the cake!

I’m 27!

Today’s celebration is utterly different from the rest. Why? I’m at work. Making me realize that this is the onset of my “more” serious life … which means, I am sober.

Let me express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who makes their way to greet me in all ways possible. Please do know that I am and will always be beholden by the kindness you’ve shown me.

Big hugs and kisses to:

DAD, you never failed to greet me first!
MOM, try to beat Dad’s record.
BRO’s Mon, Renz, and Eco … I’ll make up for this day” Wait for me!

To my Yaya, Ate Recy, my Garcia family - Ton, Kai and Jules, Ryan Castillo, Herbert Berdan, King Zamora, Glen Lopez, Khae Arevalo, Lai Mohammed, Joice Vale, Gizelle Acero, Ate Tootchie, Kuya Olex, Ate Mercy,  Jossa Zamora, Nico Mercado, Joseph Villarama, Mat Francisco, Tonette Acero, Alvin Masacupan, Madel Berdan, J-riz Eleria, Det Valderrama, Jenna Reyes, Elaine Castillo, Jerick Gatdula,  RJ Escobal, Ronald Cuales,  Luedeth Valderrama, Analyn Gamara, Jhenny Dorega, Neil Duller, Mean Lopez, Madel Serrano, Tetchie Ambrocio, Margh Tejuco, Tong Cuento, Jhovan, Bodz Escano, Boss Mark Galutera, Denise Vicente, Gino Dionisio, Zanne Mejorada, Momsy de Guzman, Aileen Marasigan, JL Abeleda, Jasper Soberano, Manong Guards, Ate Arlene, Adie Aringo, Tonette Tan, April Custodia, Anne Detera, Cheng Cantre, Arnold Chiuco, Ria Salas, Franco Tarnate, Cha Carpena, Josh Generillo, Mark Segovia, Dennis Ramento, Toby Tobias, Paolo Quella, PJ Lledo, Heide Salazar, Tin Ting, Arlene Calditaran, Kris  Tolentino, Zig Rabara, Ate Vicky, Heidi dela Cruz, Tan Ichon, Ace Llamoso, Cla Manalo, the sexy ladies on the phone who sang for me (don’t know your names), my DSM family, my tribe mates Tribu Kulit, my PREX family, my Charismatic family, my TOPPS family, my CCS family, and to all those left unmentioned …

as always, your presence means the world to me.

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Desperate Houseboy said...

Happy Birthday. :)

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