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Upside Down

1. We, human beings actually pay money to scare the hell out of ourselves. We seek the thrills of terrifying roller-coasters and horror movies and mistake them as the highs of extreme happiness.

2. We fall in love madly with total strangers, even movie stars, and forget that those around us who we think we knew too tiresomely well are the ones who are willing to lay their lives for us out of love. Yes, I'm referring to the true boundless love of parents that goes beyond most love. We might pay to see our idols perform without hesitation while having second thoughts about giving more allowance to our parents for their well being.

3. We eat hot, exotic spicy food and turn our stomachs inside out with fire, sweat like mad as we pant and pant and feel that was "real good!" While this happens, the yearning for the coolness of peace of mind has no place in one's mind! The food is too good to be true-at that moment. We often would rather go for such a meal than be at peace!

4. The idea of a terrific good time can be drinking till dead-drunk and vomiting all over the place despite the inevitability of a horrible hellish hangover the next morning.

There are countless absurd "upside downs" in us all. The process of cultivation is thus the "reversing of our reversed natures" to its true upright nature!

We need to be flipped over! We are ordinary people depending on how you look at it.

Two sides of a coin!
Are you "turning over" yet? Over a new leaf.
Because I am, as I welcome the New Year.

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