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How to overcome impulsive buying?

The 5 Senses are our sense of touch, feeling, hearing, seeing, and tasting. Among these 5, I have observed that a technique on how to overcome impulse buying can be done by shutting down at least 3 of these senses.

The Sense of Touch - Overcome impulse buying by shutting down the sense of touch. What I mean is that once you see a wonderful jewelry or clothes... Do not touch it! Do not wear it! If you do, you will be under its spell and you will impulsively buy!

The Sense of Sight -Just like any man could fall into the beauty of a beautiful lady by looking her in the eyes... Stop staring! I know, I know... Those gadgets, the LCD or LED TV that you see in the mall are so shiny and has a 1080p resolution, so clear that you could watch a Blu-ray movie on it all day... I noticed that when I first bought my laptop more than a year ago... I easily felt disappointed because I kept looking at more powerful and latest laptops. Stop being around these things especially if you already have one. Stop looking is my number 2 tip on how to stop impulse buying.

The Sense of Smell - This is for those who could not abstain themselves over food or perfume. Don't you notice that sometimes we don't feel hungry and then suddenly a colleague passes by with a good smelling, freshly grilled burger and then suddenly you think that you're hungry? Ok,  you were hungry and you just remembered it. Fine... But the point is, if you can avoid such situations then you can abstain yourself from buying and overcome impulse buying.

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