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Start Anew @ 26

It's an amazing feeling to have counted not years but the bunch of good souls I've come to know for the past 26 years. For all the people who left messages everywhere and bothered, I greatly value all of your greetings. It means the world to me that you all are thinking of me on my special day.

I am incredibly blessed to be a part of your lives and for letting me share a part of mine.

Special thanks to those who remembered this day:

Nana Upeng, Mom, Dad, Mon, Renz, Echo, Tia Baby, Ton, Kakai, Chel, Herbert Berdan, King Zamora, Khae Arevalo, Lai Mohammed, Gizelle Acero, Morena Reyes, Jeno Serrano, MeAn Santiago, Dexter Legaspi, Doc Ponch Abulencia, Apple "Adik" Cabales, Liezl Camerino, Mommy Heidz dela Cruz, Eunice Abapo, Clarizza Manalo, Kristina Cortez, Antonette Tan, Sherry Navilla, Augs Arevalo, Mafe Ligpitan, Enrico Enriquez, Haya Soriano, Zig Rabara, Grace Paragas, Marga "Auring" Mercado, Jenny dela Rama, Mario Genuis, Selena Salang, Inggun, Madel Berdan, Recy Orqueza, Joice Vale, Luedeth Valderrama, Analyn Gamara, Madel Serrano, Thomas Palad, Rommel Caliwan, Denise Magsaysay, Sandy Solis, Von Rubio, Kenneth Castillo, Mike Ramos, Denise Vicente, Tiw Magahum, Lei de Matta, Roma Burce, Josh Generillo, Frances Asuncion, Raymond Spencer, Celine Flores, Felix Canlas, Mushi, Mr. Onin, Eric Arevalo, PREX Family and to all those left unmentioned.

Thank you for all the sweet yesterdays and I promise to be a part of your tomorrow.

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