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Uniquely Singapore: Suntec City (Fountain of Wealth) and Night Safari (Day 4)

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt
This day is utterly bizarre.

I have never thought to waken in silence. The past 3 mornings was full of laughter and excitement. Today, it was deafening!

I was caught oblivious of the happenings last night as I fell flat in bed soon as we arrived. Next to my bed was Kakai. Tia Baby was out of sight. I thought it will only take some minutes but an hour later, she’s not in yet. She had her breakfast alone for a reason I couldn’t comprehend. Kakai told me it was because of last night’s nostalgia. Our day should be starting at 1 pm; (ton’s) scolding and wooing (Tia baby) lasted for 2 hours. Our jokes didn’t sell; our pleas didn’t work as well. Who would have thought that a charming phrase “Kiss Me!” will end this act? Even Kai and I had to shed some tears to win Tia Baby’s heart.

So there, Ton fetched us at 2:30 pm. Each one behaved as if nothing happened.

We are now bound to Suntec City Mall.

After sauntering around an array of shopping spots, we had our sumptuous late lunch at Fish and Co. around 4:00 pm.

We then headed to the nearby complex and visited the infamous “Fountain of Wealth” at 4:30 pm.

It is widely believed that proximity to the fountain brings an abundance of positive energy, success and wealth.

So we walked around the center thrice whilst embracing the feel of vibrating water bursting out from below.

I’ve had an invigorating experience in here.

Our voyage searching for Night Safari starts from here. We took a double-decker bus bound to Orchard Road.

Alighted near the sophisticated Singapore Visitors Centre, Ton paid a visit.

We’re not off the course but we’re clueless of the next route to take.

So after failing to take a bus, we’ve decided to catch a cab.

Disembarked at the Night Safari (Mandai Lake Road) around 6:49 pm.

Lucky enough because we have a show to catch at 7:00. Running out of time, we failed to get a tour map.

After leaping off a couple of seats, we are now ready for the show.

Without a doubt it was good and a very pleasant way to start our evening tour with this exhibit but I thought there may be more to it than that. (Some of the animals didn’t show up.)

After the show, we’re queued to Hell.

Pardon my French but this has been the most fatiguing wait I’ve ever experienced. (For those who know me, you know how impetuous I am when it comes to this.) The stench of the tam**, loud vernacular talks and the unending crisscross, not to mention the inevitable cutting of queues by these people (grrr) really got into my nerve! (I experienced yet another tormenting time with one but I’ll spare you the details.) Enduring the worst, this was!

It took us an hour before we got to the tram ride. It was heaven! (I can finally breathe!)

Overall, this escorted tram tour was excellent. (Kudos to the Filipina who guided us. She even incorporated the Philippines’ water buffalo (kalabaw) in one of her spiels.)

We didn’t dare to do a scary walk through the trails. (Thanks again Ton for anticipating).

For a night blind like me, wandering around the zoo at night in the complete pitch black with very few lights in a tropical part of the world is thrilling. I didn’t get to see the milieu of these nocturnal animals but I loved every minute of it.

We did get a chance to catch the finale of the Bornean Tribal Show.

The fire-eating, acrobatic and scorching stunts are definitely a crowd pleaser. Most tourists are concentrated in this area. This performance sealed our wild night in the Safari.

At 10:00 pm, we found ourselves in a long queue once again. It was extremely infuriating! It took less than an hour just to get a cab! Whew!

We had our late dinner at the food plaza (Lavender) around 11:00 pm. At the Hive by midnight to rest our worn-out torso, relieved!

This has been a great day but will doubt if I’d go back.


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