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Uniquely Singapore: Sentosa and Chinatown (Day 2)

This day marks most of my firsts ... our firsts.
We're awakened by a call (who else? Ton) around 9:00 in the morning, feels like it’s already late. Appreciating the feel of a new setting, it took us an hour before we got out of bed. By chance, our hostel provides free breakfast – cereals, loaf bread, fresh milk and syrupy selection of jellies. Yummy! Not only that, we took advantage of the free internet access to connect to our loved ones back home. This place is awesome!

Kai and I have decided to try something else for lunch. We meandered around Lavender St. and found a stall that offers a delectable roasted duck and crispy pata. Just in time for lunch, the attendants were busy packing a lot of it for delivery. Paying no heed to us, we approached the owner. Just before I came close to him, he said “Off! Off!” I didn’t get him at first not until Kakai asked for the price and were told “Closed”. (Yes, they’re open but closed). So we ended up making steps towards a number of closed stores nearby. Luckily, there’s one stall serving chicken rice and what they say is “the best” noodles in town. Reluctantly, we bought this “tamil food” for “tu-piti” (two dollars and fifty cents). Tia Baby slyly covered her dislike for the food so we ended up chomping through it. As a result, the three of us felt the need to poop every once in a while. Poot! Poot! Next time, be cautious!

Ton fetched us at 2:00 pm. Bound to Vivo City mall through MRT purple line (Boon Keng station). We had our first fast food chain stop at Carls Jr. We ordered the “Portabello Mushroom Burger” and the “Big Carl”. And when they say “big”, they mean “HUGE”.

These two burgers were sliced in quarter. Solely with the first one, your hunger will be slaked. And with the hefty refillable iced tea, our thirst was quenched. Yum yum!

Even Kakai was able to walk off with one on our way to the monorail station. =)

We’re at Sentosa Express around 3:45 pm. After securing all tickets and collecting flyers and maps (which by the way is our habit), we tapped our card and traversed via monorail train to Beach Station.

We passed by waterfront (“lots of fun” as tia baby coined) and Imbiah. Alighted at Palawan Beach, we rode a tram heading to Siloso point. We chose the rear seats to get a view of the entire vista (this is becoming our pick in every ride).

At Siloso Beach, we did nothing but take pictures.

We then set our voyage to the bottom of the sea at the “Underwater World” oceanarium. We started our tour via a moving travellator that ferries through a long tunnel. It’s my first encounter with underwater creatures in close proximity. We are totally engrossed to this world.

Hehe … Ended our tour with the touch pool for my first “hand on” experience with stingrays and star fish. This is really fun!

For a more exciting visit, we went to see the Dolphin Lagoon where we watched adorable pink dolphins (yes, they are!) and sea lions performing tricks. Kakai volunteered herself during the show. While the dolphins twirl their toy hoop, she hoop dances for the crowd to cheer! We just can’t stop laughing! Kudos Kakai! As a reward, she was able to fondle and take photos with the dolphin after the show. Yet we have to purchase the picture for $ 6. Nice keepsake though.

Afterwards, we walked our way tirelessly to Imbiah lookout for our first experience steering through the first ever luge in SEA. To conquer my acrophobia, we jumped first to an irresistible skyride.

It’s a very ecstatic gravity ride to the top of the mountains! Whoah! Still electrified, we bashed the more fun-filled flexing with toboggan! It was pure exhilaration!

For our last stop, we grabbed a seat for an outdoor night event – Songs of the Sea. I’ve been hearing tons of nice reviews about this.

Finally, I had my share. At 7:15 pm, the show starts with a performance of theater actors. I thought that’s gonna be it for the entire show but I was wrong. After a few minutes of dancing and lipsynching, the spell of this event caught me dumbfounded.

The astonishing and mesmerizing demonstration of pyrotechnics, laser beams, water spouts, captivating music and stunning flame bursts took us aback. Whoah! I had goose bumps! It’s a one-of-a kind experience.

Our last activity for the day is our journey to experience yet another colorful culture and vibrant heritage of Singapore at the Merlion Walk. Then we head to the Imbiah Terrace for a dazzling night event, Lights of Spring.

It’s the first of its kind held on this island. We’re pretty much privileged to get the first sight on its first day.

On our way, we came across a silver stilt-walker dressed as cupid about 8 feet tall. The entire scene is shrouded with a medley of colours and brilliant fairy lights, fountains sculptures and displays.

We encountered another replica (probably the biggest) of The Merlion illuminated with cinematic colorful light projections.

There are also light sculptures of the Chinese Zodiac animals found at the Images of Singapore forecourt.

Another interesting display is the bell of prosperity with lots of floral bouquets. It was a very enchanting night for the four of us!

Not done yet, it’s Chinese New Year’s eve.

Thinking of a better way to celebrate, we’ve decided to discover Singapore’s Chinatown. It’s a great place to find great bargain, good food (free tastes!) for adventurous taste buds and well designed temples. This place sparkles at night.

There’s a lot of bright lights coloring the sleek streets. It’s very crowded being a holiday. Interestingly, one flight stewardess from Jetstar was there haggling as well. Small world! We bought a handful of souvenirs before we wrapped our short tour. We must put it in a halt because Kakai … (mouthzipped)and Tia Baby as well. Oh! The Tamil food!

Bound home around half past 12 midnight and slept by 2:00 am.

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niiice, seems that you really are a fine chronographer.. hehe, didnt expect that you'd write in full and exact details! you should start your own travel blog site. :)