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Uniquely Singapore: Jurong Bird Park and Mustafa Centre (Day 3)

I am caught between the positive vacation feelings and newer negative feelings stemming from having to face the reality of living with people of different culture and background. Hence, I'm not in the mood. =)
It's Heart's Day!

We didn’t receive a wake up call today because Ton shared the night with us. After having our breakfast, I prepared a raspberry jam sandwich sneaked in by Tia Baby for our guest, Ton. Haha … This time around, we had to commute alone. Ton had to leave us with directions and just meet up at 10 am at the nearest MRT station. It took us a tedious one hour wait before catching a bus heading to Lavender Station. It was an achievement for us to be able to travel unaccompanied.

Our itinerary started with a long arduous MRT ride bound to the west-end of Singapore, Boon Lay.

I had a trouble whizzing through the crowd as several black people (my apologies) concentrated at my space. I was miserably frenzied by the thought of yesterday’s encounter with a puckish black old guy at Sentosa (I chose not reveal it or forever had it in mind). While on tour, I felt like giving up. I wanted to go home! I don’t know what went wrong but everything seems to be dreary to me. We are just about to start the day but it felt like I’m so looking forward to end it. This could be a mischievous fate for me because everyone in the restroom (at Jurong Station) are all black people (let me reiterate, I have nothing against them). I won’t go further so let me just skipped to our humble lunch at the station’s banquet. Like the usual, we had chicken rice lah! Just so we can save some cents for a more steep meal later.

We then took a chance to explore the largest mall in Singapore, Jurong Point Shopping Centre. The place is huge but we have to cut our tour short after taking some pictures (still not in the mood). After buying some snacks, we headed to the bus interchange. It was half past 2 in the afternoon and we are now bound to Jurong Bird Park.

SBS Bus 194 dropped us at the entrance of the park around 3:00 pm.

We started the tour by visiting the waddling and swimming penguins at the Penguin Parade.

But what we enjoyed the most is our stay at Lory Loft. The 'Lory Loft'!

What can I say? Spectacular would do it an injustice. Wonderful, memorable! Not only is this a very big aviary it is put together so well. It is a truly great experience especially for Kakai.. She had the pleasure of dwelling with the lorikeets by feeding them with nectar.

These birds were captivated by Kakai’s charm as they alighted at her shoulder throughout our stay in the aviary. This completed the magic of our visit. I think we spent most of our times here.

Spending almost 2 hours of walking around, we’ve decided to take the Panorail instead. All of us were belligerently complaining with tired feet. Tia Baby and Kakai swapped their sandals a couple of times but it didn’t work out. (Thanks Ton for anticipating!)

This rail ride goes around the park so we had the view of the park from above. Nevertheless, we had to wait for our turn as most of the tourists preferred the same break to save up energy.

We had the luck to meet a lot of fellow Filipinos working there. By chance, one assistant gave us the pleasure to sit next to the panorail coach who happens to be a “kababayan” as well.

Here’s what we’ve visited as well:

The Waterfall Aviary contains the 'Jurong falls' which at 30m are the tallest man-made waterfall in the world. It is very impressive! How can we ever forget to take a pose with this scene?

There was so much I liked here, Parrot Paradise, South East Asian Birds ...

the Pelican exhibit, Flamingo Lake
and so much more.

Our 4-hour exploration was not enough time to take in all of the birds available for viewing.

Still we’ve made the best of the time for the four of us.

Worth a visit? Definitely! It is worth visiting Singapore just to come here. I'm psyched up!
From then on in almost everything ranged from extremely good to fantastic.

At 7:00 pm, we’re back to Jurong Point Centre. Kakai insistently bought Haagen-Dazs (Macadamia Nut Brittle) ice cream!

We stopped by at Bread Talk for (what else?) our late night munching.

Had our dinner at Burger King. (I took one stolen shot with Tia Baby in it but had to delete it). Tsk tsk ...

Off we went to Mustafa Centre at around 9:00 pm. This, they say in Singapore, is the “shopping mall that never sleeps”. True enough! It is located in my best friend’s niche “Little India”. The place is teeming with life. This is the place where just about everything you could possibly need is crammed under one roof. Though, this place isn’t for shoppers seeking for atmosphere (believe me!) and comfort. It is frenzied and overly crowded. We jostled against the others as we stroll around each section. Kakai also had a wicked experience in here.

Having a plan to buy jewelleries, we focused at this section. We noticed all sales personnel are native Indians and those being served likewise are. This totally made me change my views on them big time. As we check the prices, we can’t help but to fake sarcastic smile as we can’t afford even just one. Well we can, but chose not to.

We’ve spent almost 2 hours in there unconsciously, but we left with nothing but 2 boxes of our fave drink, Apple-Aloe Vera and Mangosteen fruit juices.

This has been the most strenuous tour we’ve had (I’ve been itching to go home). No doubt, we had so much fun being together as we explore the wildlife of endangered birds at Jurong and the risky yet a little unsavory district of Little India at Valentine's Day.

Got home as early as 11:30. With his clothes soaked in soapy water back home, Ton had to leave for some pending task.

Getting there bachelor!

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