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Uniquely Singapore: Bugis Street, Orchard Road and River Hongbao (Day 5)

Kids at heart!

We’ve visited almost all of the tourist spots Singapore has to offer. All of our tickets have been used up. Without any scheduled itinerary for today, Ton decided to bring us to the shopping strips around the metro. We’ve started prepping up at 10:00 am. Finally, Kai and I were able to buy roasted duck and liempo at the store (Day 2) across the hostel. We would like to surprise Ton with this packed lunch (it was reversed; we’re the one surprised with his plans!) Boarded at Kallang Station around 12:15 on our way to Bugis Station in roughly 5 minutes! That was fast!

On our way, we dropped by a Tako Pachi stall at Bugis Junction.

Ton bought us 2 boxes of takoyaki. YumYum! The succulent and luscious octopus made me crave for more! I am beginning to fall for Japanese foods!

Now for our first stop, the largest and cheapest street market, Bugis.

As we go along the walkway, a kiwi fruit shake caught my attention. The frosty and creamy look of it was really tempting! I have never liked this fruit at all but for some peculiar reasons I pined for it. To my surprise, Ton bought one for me (I’m overjoyed like a kid). He then made Kai and Tia Baby have their pick. New to my taste bud, I didn’t like it at first. There’s no trace of sweetness; the more you sip, the soury it gets! I had a mouthful of it though.

At 1:00 pm, we had our lunch at a pavilion inside the market. We feast on our packed lunch, fruit shakes, and ais kacang (like halo halo) for dessert. After that, we immediately walked along an array of kiosks offering almost anything you could probably think of. Our sensed were caught by a smell of incense as we passed by a Chinese Temple.

This place is crowded even at noontime as it entices tourists to no end with bargains galore. Most of our souvenirs and memento were brought from here. And as my friend Apple coined, “It’s so Divisoria”.

I sneaked out as they shop just to take a picture of this extraordinarily intriguing booth.

We walked out of the busy Bugis Street by mid-afternoon. From City Hall Station, we rode via MRT towards Orchard Station.

We are now at our next stop, Singapore’s shopping haven, Orchard Road. This is the place for all shopaholics (oniomaniacs) where most of the new posh and elite malls are located.

We headed first to the ION Orchard Mall, this is an architectural masterpiece!

It caters to high-end shoppers, mostly top notch like Louis Vuitton (we’re able to get in without queuing), Cartier, Valentino and other world renowned brands like celebrity label Diane Von Furstenberg.

Another tempting spot caught my eye as soon as we got out of the mall. There’s an ice cream cart right outside ION! Yum Yum!

Not only do they offer a wide variety of flavours, you also get to choose from wafer or bread slice. Did I mention it’s an ice cream sandwich? Yeah! Without dilly-dallying, Ton bought us one apiece. Kai chose peppermint; Tia Baby picked her fave sweet corn and my delectable choice of honeydew! Our hearts melt as well.

Orchard Road is a long avenue “adorned” with malls! We travelled around each corner of the vicinity.

We’ve seen Ngee Ann City, Wisma Atria, Plaza Singapura, Lucky Plaza, The Centrepoint, Forum, Liat Towers and a lot more.

We’ve spent almost an hour at Zara for our ladies’ itch for clothes.

We left the strip around 6:30 pm, and now bound to River Hongbao. On our jaunt to Marina, while inside the bus, I sat next to a Singaporean (usually next to Malays and Indians). As we passed by SunTec City, she introduced me the “Fountain of Wealth”. Out of the blue, she shared me chronicles and history of Singapore; it’s culture, native, and future. It was really heartwarming knowing that she values our visit to her country. She even invited me to join her in watching Chingay Parade at the Marina Promenade and City Alive 2010 on the 20th. I can really sense her flattery and delight during our conversation. One really poignant indication happened at the bus stop, her group has been calling her and she doesn’t mind taking a heed. She had to wait for me to alight trailing meters away from them. It was really gratifying! Too bad though because we forgot to exchange a bit of personal information, not even our names. I just knew she’s a government employee. Tsk tsk … I could never forgive myself for this ungainly gesture! Sayang! Well, I’ll just see her at our crossroad.

At 7:05 pm, we’re at the Esplanade Park. We’re greeted with colorful lights and danceable music! Imagine Owl City’s Fireflies Singapore version! Hahaha! I can’t contain myself laughing!

The excitement, amazement and thrill filled our hearts as we roam around the promenade. There are breath taking and spine-tingling park rides of which I can’t dare trying. Kai was fearless enough to try the “flying fiesta” which was thrice faster than that of EK’s (Enchanted Kingdom).

Ton and Tia Baby unwaveringly persuades me to join Kai. I just can’t. I’m already ecstatic just to see it.

What a night! The sight, the sound and the multihued moving lanterns revved up the moods of Chingay to its highest ever! I can’t help but think of the lady who adoringly promoted it to me. To catch the glimpses of River Hongbao is such a diversion. (Misses Lola)

Went back to Marina Square Mall for our last supper at Singapore around 8:30 pm. We had our scrumptious dinner at MOS Burger, another Japanese restaurant.

Tia baby’s craving for burger were finally satiated when Ton bought her submarine burger, club sandwich and large iced tea at Subway.

Kai and I indulged ourselves with rice burgers (unagi and yakiniku) and clam chowder soup.

Another comical incident happened after this stop. Tia Baby, Ton and I left in cluster leaving Kakai behind (unintentionally). Kakai stayed at the Faceshop to do her nails. She’s so into it! The three of us leisurely walked on our way to the exit when we noticed Kakai was missing. And soon as I turned my head, I saw Kakai fretfully running in all her might to catch us (towards the other way). I had to holler at her! This was indisputably hilarious! As Kakai walked her way near to us, we burst out with laughters and tears! (It was very hard for me to recall every account after 3 weeks but this incident certainly won’t ever miss my memory).

We had an overwhelming Tuesday together.

Homebound around 10:00 pm for a predictably blurry night with mixed emotions. With our tired torso and resistful mind, we packed our luggage. Ton even helped us out (awww).

This was our last night here in Singapore. We’re so not looking forward for tomorrow.

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