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My Fair Share of (Bad) Luck

After all the laughter and the delightful musings, in just a swift blow everything was just taken away! Leaving me bewildered and confused, asking myself, "What just happened?" ... yeah, still now, I can't believe I just had to endure setbacks worse than I am equipped to and I'd like to believe that my life is down to the vagaries of luck.

Subsequent to Typhoon Ondoy which deserted me with empty room, ruined clothes, trashed furniture and gadgets; here I am battling the curse of losing more. I have just lost my purse with ALL my bank savings and ATM card in it. Yes, I am broke big time! I don't have decent clothes to wear, smothered of my lifestyle, robbed of my vanity and flip sided back to zilch. And I fervently hope that this hard luck evens out whatever wrongful or karmic actions I've caused malevolent to others (if there is). I refuse to submit passively to anything coming whatsoever for I am not complaining. Although, part of me says I don't deserve it, it doesn't matter. Because even if this chance event occurs in a much unforeseen scheme, I can still carry on. It isn't fatalistic by any chance.

I may sound sick but I'd like to say, I remain positive. I don't believe nor blame the world for its unmerited design. As we will always have a fair share of luck, both ill and well, and all of us will be subjected to it. No one's gonna get it habitually so stop whining, stop pitying yourselves and stop complaining about "bad luck". There is no use!

Honestly, I have yet to convince myself that this "luck" is written in my palm (destiny) or others may refer it written in the book. No! Let me contradict myself, I should have this "chance" challenge me. I was convinced for a while that everything is against me and noticed more instances that make me believe it's true. It took me a day of restlessness because I'm trying to figure out the "whys" and the "hows". Only to realize that it's a waste of time as it is futile to focus on what's going bad in my life (for there will always be) that I can do nothing about.

I am a victim of these life blows ... but not a loser.

I never failed to believe that fear comes when you feel you have no control.
I am in control.

I am broke! ... Speaking out loud!
And I'm starting anew ... starting over.

"Your luck, in the end, is what you choose it to be."

So, will you be a loser or an achiever?

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