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Ton's 25th Birthday

I was late in the office by hours!

Oh my ... I came all the way from SM The Block after a date with Tia Baby and the Birthday Boy - Kuya Ton. It was all fun ('cuz it's a treat! peace Ton!) Well, more than that is the bonding we've had after about less than a decade of not having that awesome threesome date. It's Ton's post-birthday celebration, his 25th.

Just night before, we all (the family) felt bloated cuz the food was an overload. We all made an effort to please the celebrant. Tia Baby prepared the traditional pansit (for long life) and her signature crispy fried chicken. And how can it be all without cake and ice creams ... (yes, with an "s") since I also bought my share of Double Dutch (after failing to find Coffee Crumble - our fave). As soon as I got home by 9:30, we had our dinner without the celebrant (same as what happened to my own bash). We avidly enjoyed the food to the last piece. After an hour, there comes the birthday boy with a LARGE Sbarro pizza at hand. But to still munch on it is way too much so we left it for our morning's chit chat.

Our morning schmoozing's a ritual! Ton, then called for a movie treat. (I have yet to go to the office!) But how can I ignore such invite from such extremely busy man? (You always need to book in advance for a day with him, Peace bro!) I am enjoying the last few days of a flexible sched at work and with little hesitations, I've decided to just go with'em. And in minutes, we've seen ourselves chuckling and rubbernecked watching ICE AGE 3. Our date is Tia Baby (a little quite old to watch a kiddie movie) nevertheless, she enjoyed the film as much as we do. A few distractions challenged Ton's patience as an undisciplined kid cried loud enough to neutralize the laughters with rumblings. (Need not elaborate what Ton did to save the fun, kudos!). Anyways, the movie was a total blast! More sequels!

Then, to patch our date to end, we went to Teriyaki Boy, dine to our tummy's content and took pictures to our delight. Unconcious of the time, I'm late at work.

Happy Birthday, Kuya Ton!
It's my treat next time! ;)

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