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Annual Physical Examination

Earlier today, we had our annual physical examination. I've been working for 5 years and this is my first time to be emotionally (?cuz I hate it) equipped to undergo ALL steps (I always skipped one or two). Perhaps, that came with getting old. I hate finding out that my blood pressure is ridiculously high and it fluctuates in half an hour. Luckily, my vision equity is normal - 20/20. Nonetheless, still I hate finding out what’s wrong with me. That means I have to deal with them and overall, I hate the process!
When I was already inside the physical exam room, queueing with my colleagues, I was both dreading and hoping that the doctor to violate me should be old. 'Cuz if not, say a young sexy nurse or a foxy doctor (like my cousin) it'll be hard to keep my souljaboy down and evade an epic boner moment. (It happened before). Good thing that there's an old fat guy with sunglasses (he probably has blurred vision, haha) to watch me strip naked. I take pride for doing this at last.

Anyways, I dont think this Annual Physical Examination thingy is worthy at all, but an unneeded expense for the company! It isn't comprehensive. Just a couple of interviews, blood extractions, pooping and peeing, stripping (a lot) and it's just full of crap!

Just an opinion guys ... No offence meant.

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