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It started with just an e-mail invite from Carly.
Hi All,

Please be advised that we will have a alcoholiday tomorrow at around 10 PM onwards.
Possible venue is at Top Grill or should you have other places where we can chill and have fun please feel free to suggest.

This is the time to unwind and relax so if you want to ask other people to come along, please feel free to invite them... make sure na they are fun to be with and has high alcohol tolerance.(Hehehehe)

So I will so you tomorrow night. Please confirm as early as possible or [pwede din bigla ka na lang sumulpot na parang kabote, ngunit subalit datapwat pag ginawa mo yun, magkakaroon ka ng isang malaking check sa noo at bongang bongang isang set ng beer.

Lovingly Yours,


Take care! Garnier!

And yippee!
The much needed break we've been looking for.

I have not much time to spill out the details. So let me just give you a breeze of what happened.

10:00 pm Meet up at TEC drop off (Russell, Richmond, Mark and Pink)
11:00 - 12:00 Top Grill, Makati Rms. 9 and 17;
Cla and Nico dropped by;
Apple, Jeanie and Kris came after.
1:00 Jun followed; Cla, Pink and Mark left
2:00 - 3:30 Non stop Videoke, Laugh, Dance, Shout, Flirt, Craze
4:00 Boundhome Drunk

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