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Swine Flu Scare leads to Zombie Mutations! WTF?!

Swine Flu to Zombie Flu!?

I found a terribly horrifying news and should really make everyone cautious to anyone who has a flu or even simple colds (exclude me 'cuz I've been bothered with sore throat for years now). Very scary… NOT! Haha ... It really made me chuckle!

There's a buzz of a small outbreak of Zombism in London due to mutation of A(H1N1) virus into new strain: H1Z1. (What now?)

It was told that victims of a new strain of the swine flu virus H1N1 have been reported in London is similar to that of the scare found in Cambodia before.

After death, this virus is able to restart the heart of it’s victim for up to two hours after the initial demise of the person where the individual behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believe to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into blood during “resurrection.” Just imagine Will Smith's "I am Legend".

The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the alert to pandemic level, and advised governments to activate contingency plans.

We now have a confirmed total of 311 cases as of yesterday ... and still counting! Oh my ... no wonder that there's an increase in sales of face masks and alcohol (antiseptic).

In the latest developments:

* The Netherlands confirms its first case of zombie swine flu, in a three-year-old boy recently returned from Mexico. After passing away early this morning, he rose from the dead and lunged at his mother.

* Ghana has become the latest country to ban pork imports as a precaution against swine flu, though no cases have been found in the West African country

* China’s health minister says that the country’s scientists have developed a “sensitive and fast” test for spotting swine flu in conjunction with US scientists and the WHO. The country has recorded no incidence of the flu yet. There methods, however, have been ineffective in spotting the H1Z1 strain.

This hoax made my day!
This can’t be true!
The author must be overdosed of something. Funny that some people will actually believe this.

H1Z1 restarts the heart of the victim? This is a complete insanity!

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