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My Birthday Month

Apparently, contrary to the heading, i'm not too excited to face the 28th day of this month as that would add up another year to my age. Hehe ... Well, "It's all in the mind", as I always say.

Looking forward to:

Holy Week Vacation
Beach Bumming (half naked, finally)
First Photoshoot
New car ? / New bank accounts!
Trip to Davao or Palawan
Go Vegan for a Week
Get rid of some more beer guts

... and the list goes on!

Waah! There's too much I have in mind for this month. More yet to explore!


Anonymous said...

I can see that your list for this month is filled with things everybody would wish for. I just thought you should be thankful. Not one of those items is in my list. :( Niwei, much congratulations for finally going beach bumming HALF NAKED. How I wish time will come that I do the same. :(

Uy thanks for approving me sa multiply. Keep in touch, and relish God's blessings. You have them now. :)

deamonaire said...

i've already done some of those. hehehe ... and yeah! i can go to the beach bumming and boasting my now getting lean tummy!