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I made it!

It's been roughly a month and a half since I firmly decided to go on a diet and shed a chubb. I was then so optimistic that I'll be able to achieve my desired weight and that will soon boost my confidence to strip off this summer. Little did I get encouragement from my friends that I'll be able to "make wonders" since I'm an alcoholic, a couch potato and a construction worker-type eater. On top of that, even my girl denied the fact that I can stay long imprisoned with my disciplined goal.

I proved them all WRONG!

Last night, I visited a pet shop. Yeah, heard me right! A PET SHOP! A clinic where we had to consult a vet for Chei-Chei's (japanese spitz) check up. She is suffering from chewing gum fits, a sign of canine distemper. Poor Bitch! (a female dog). Good thing, she brought to world an extremely cute pup named "Peachy"! a month ago which will (soon could) be her legacy. I had fun during the visit because I happened to play with a chubby chihuahua! He really looks like a piglet! And there also, I found sonic hedgehog. Cool! Well, but a sleepy one. Enough of this.

Going back, while waiting for the vet to show up (though she really never showed up, her assistant instead), I spotted a weighing scale (that of human!) so let me just say, bathroom scale. Without hesitations, I stand on it, and it freaked me out knowing I only weighed 121 lbs (55 kls). I heft myself around 133 lbs (60 kls) more than a month way back. That's freaking 12lbs! Stupendously unbelievable!

So now, I am holding my head up high (my chin's visible now!) 'cuz I MADE IT! Quoting from "The Pursuit of Happyness", "Don't let anyone tell you, 'you can't', even me", during the father and son scene. I just can't forget this.

Anyone out there with a flabby tummy, protruding man boobs, and slappy torsos ... Shed the Chubb! If I can do it, so can YOU!

Get well soon, Chei-Chei!


BIG.BAD.EJ said...

i'll bring that tummy back when i make you that platter (you can opt for more platters) of roast chicken and potato salad. wahaha.

just kidding. seriously, congratulations. you made me inspired with your achievement. sana kayanin ko soon. :)

deamonaire said...

thanks EJ! I have yet to post a more daring photo! nyahaha!