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Hey Rjay! It's your Birthday!

The calendar page now turns on the 28th, the onset of my 1st day with a new age. My celfon was bombarded with tons of messages from my Biology block mates and IT batch mates at UE, PREXmates, WEST peeps, DELIKADO gangstahs, TOPPS clique, WEREW and some more friends. It was my Dad who first sends his regards, then my Mom followed by my siblings. My angel, Chel, never failed to start my day too. I just love her so! The very moment I opened my eyes I was buttered up with greetings from Tita Baby and Kakai. It was my first time to celebrate my birthday with my second family.

Heading to the office, I always wear a smirk. (I remembered Tita Baby advised me to incessantly smile before I go to bed last night). I was like a joker quaintly walking in the street telling the whole world “It’s my birthday!” It’s been ages since I last felt this equanimity. A state I’ve been longing for during the past 6 months. I went to the office 2 hours earlier than my usual schedule so I could sneak out just in time to meet up with ex-officemates waiting at Gweilos. We ordered native pizza and sisig rice. I suppressed myself to sip a bottle of cold beer since this is only my first stop.

After an hour, I went straight to Starmall’s Bridgeway– Mandaluyong to meet King and Herbert (who are in conflict by then). It’s funny that they have to cobble things up just for my birthday. It’s King’s treat by the way! As expected, both offered me a jigger chock-full with brandy, and unsatisfied, I had to gulp 3 more turns as I have to equal their intoxication level. Cool! The atmosphere suddenly became soberly quiet after HB boldly announced his being a “dad” by accident, the peerless confession of the night. Nonetheless, the birthday ambiance still enshrouds the place. More talks, more laughs, more catch-ups … more drinks! Mall closes at 9 pm so we had to leave by 10.

We then walked our way out to hop in at Cuba Libre. A friend works there as a bartender (I have to keep his anonymity since this blog is open to public eye, he might be caught). And that being the case, we were luxuriated with a KTV room for about 5 hours … free of charge! Imagine if I have to pay 100/pax/hour, I’d be broke as hell. We sufficed the bar with lots of beer and food orders though. Drunk, we sang our hearts out and concert-like performed whilst being watched by a group of girls on the other side of the room. Time to flirt! Nyahaha! And yes, we did! I’ll skip from here.

Disgruntled, I failed to cut my cake and blow my candle at home. My Garcia family celebrated my birthday in my absence. This has been one of the coolest things they did for me! I may not be there but the fact that they gathered for my day’s merrymaking is more than enough to make me feel I am with them. I’ll be forever grateful of these peeps.

It’s a quarter past 2 in the morning, time to go home; we all parted drunk and wasted with a smile on our faces.

It’s been fun! And I look forward to a year coaster ride of laughs and tears, with these gifts I’m blessed with, my family and friends. I could not ask for more!

My friends increased tenfold this year! To each and everyone who took time to greet me, my heartfelt thanks!

It's just surreal!

Thank you GOD for all the blessings you bestowed upon me and my family!

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