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Hate Messages

I left my cellphone for a week at my cousin's house. I was confident enough that everything's fine since I can still be reached through my other 2 phones.

Yesterday, I was able to get hold of my phone and left dumbfounded to see 300+ unread messages and 9 missed calls (from an unknown caller). And much to my surprise, I was thwarted to receive 2 hate messages (2/300+ made me sick) from an overly paranoid guy (Mobile # +639169752801) charging me of stealing his girlfriend. He's cursing me to death. Well, I have bented not to respond as that will worsen the case and can be charged as acceptance of the argument.

I will not deny nor admit what was indicted.
All I can say is, "Bud, get a good grasp of your girl!"

And before I forgot, Mr. Paranoid, don't dare dragging my family name in your hysteria. It's between YOU, ME and your VIXEN! Spare me out of your troubled relationship!


BIG.BAD.EJ said...

price to pay for having that kind of looks. hehehe. :)

dude, you're too gorgeous to be stealing someone's girlfriend. you don't have to, as you'll have enough trouble rejecting non-choices when you get your own. TELL HIM THAT.

deamonaire said...

thanks again, EJ!

well, I really have no idea who this guy is. And not even the girl I flirt with. Too many to think! hahaha ...