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Shed the Chubb!

Shed the Chubb! Start the year right, owrayt! I have been suffering the stigma of knowing I am one of the chubby chub lads combating to get rid of extra "chunkiness" I’ve reaped for years. These annoying love handles have been making going to the beach miserable and painful for me. And for the first time in my pubescent life, I am dead serious to get past this austere stage.

I recently took a picture (above, after my cardio exercise) of my entirety prior to me undergoing my self-imposed alcohol and carb-free diet (which I hope I won’t get crazy afterwards). And the evident beer guts and love handles could probably one gross reason why I have decided to blur out the picture. (I don’t have the guts to show off, YET).

To give you some hunch of how I used to eat, damn, I eat like a construction worker! I eat to death. I won’t leave the table without filling my stomach until it gets bloated! And funny that I ended up bending downwards heading to my room because of my tumefied tummy. I am five feet-five and a half inches (5'5 1/2") and weigh around 130 lbs. My waistline is 34 inches (damn!). My appetite is hell that I don’t know when to stop munching on foods! When I'm eating out with friends - I eat a lot than they can.

I’ve talked to a lot of lean friends on how to start loosing weight, safely, and to my discontentment, I found nothing but sit ups and crunches, hundreds and thousands of it. This is, of course, the universal advice of trimedias. The more tiring crunches you do, the more you will lose weight. And yes it works! But with a potato couch like me, I bet it wont. I then decided to do it my way.

Years ago, I weighed my heaviest, around 162 lbs at the young age of 21.

And I did lost 38 lbs after 2 months …

… of starving myself and restricting food intake to just 3 meals a day. Adding up to that is the erratic time of eating. That is too much of a crash diet. Hormonal imbalance triggered my unending acid reflux (still as of this time). I may have achieved the weight I’ve wanted but my health was gambled. And that is why, I, though rigorously seeing myself shedding extra baggage, preferred doing it in a hale and hearty way.

We all know making better choices at what you put in you mouth is key to proper weight loss - as the saying goes, "A minute in the mouth is a lifetime on the ass."
Before you nibble your pasta, gnaw your burger and munch your potato fries, think: Is this really worth all the cellulite? Nah! Now, I know! Just now!

December has been my turning point to loosing beer as a part of my obsession. I never tasted a drop in 31 days! Now, in 6 days, I haven’t smelled an aroma of any alcohol at all, and I’m bloody stern to this pact. I commit myself to not gulp on it. Dare myself!

Watch out! Start anew!


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