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A month after ...

My Year-End Countdown (imported from my multiply account:

1st day of December ... (31 days to go)

I would like to welcome 2009 in an entirely different approach for I somehow failed to make it this year.

I thought 2-00-8 (being 28 as my favorite number) would be my year, but to my disappointment, it wasn't.

So here I am, at the first day of the last month of this year, setting up my goals to better prepare myself for a changed me in 2009.

The very first thing that came out of my mind is to ... SHED the CHUBB! Get rid of these love handles and beer guts out of sight!

So I laid my plans, took pictures of my entirety at this point (will be posted soon), and I will watchfully scrutinize each daily course (optimistic) after which the upshots will be reviewed on the first day of the first month of next year.

As of this jiffy, I will not divulge anything as to how I planned to work on it but I will definitely uncover the "would-be secrets" until I am bold enough to bare it all at the end of the skirmish.

But to give you a hunch of some tests I have to defy :

cut on rice , limit sodas , reduce sweets , stay out of party and fast foods , and ultimately, NO BEER for 31 days! (hardest of all!). I will undergo a self imposed diet. Hehe ...

All I can say for now is Best of Luck!

>>> A month after, it could be that I failed to get rid of my love handles and spare tires but I am boastful enough to say that I lost some pounds during this course, being it's a holiday season. And I'm damn proud of myself to not even knowing the taste of beer for 31 days. The discipline that I have right now is all that I have to achieve my goal. And I will not just continue with the tasks aforementioned, I have decided to extend my "alcohol-free phase" for another 15 days. And yes, you heard me right, NO ALCOHOL at ALL! It will be hard but I can definitely make it. BEST of LUCK once more!

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