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Season's Greetings from ...

Check it out!

I now have a Tumblr account! Yey!

ADSS First Christmas Party

Uniquely Filipino: Peculiar Traits of Pinoys

After a long anticipation, it's finally out! Yey!


Filipinos are among the most relaxed and fun-loving people you will ever meet around the globe. It is hard to accurately describe what makes every day a lesson in glee or what others aptly regard as a ‘carnival of lunacy’, which is on continual display in a myriad of ways. Every single day offers something new to savor, and a new oddity to laugh about. From a “you-tube” worth mishap to a faintly laid-back tuning in to a daily television show that features contestant’s amazing struggles in the swirling current of daily life, this enigmatic country is full of contradictions and they are a pleasure to explore.
I take satisfaction in these mundane, but life-learning peculiarities, knowing full well that they are now a part of me as I travel through wherever life takes me. Let me share you some of these small quirks and funny moments.
Our eyebrow speaks …
The eyebrows usually convey emotion…

Sick Leave

I have just suffered from Amoebic Dysentery and was confined in the hospital for 4 days. =(

Our Lady of Penafrancia Fluvial Procession

This is my 4th year on board of St. Raphael's (the Archangel) float. Yey!

Did you know?

Did you know that I used to be a somnambulist with nocturnal enuresis until age 12?

Without You

Sign says 5 miles
and I feel it's my fault this time
that you're walking away to get on a plane
and fly away

you'll be on time
and I'll be waiting on standby
Till the next time we fly
or text something like
"goodbye... I'll see you next time"

No dry eyes tonight
When I'm reaching over to you
To find I'm missing you
I'll just hold on tight
And close my eyes
Cause I can't see myself without you

We'll be fine
I just wish I could turn back time
And know the dim lights would mean
You'd at home with me
But I will know next time

No dry eyes tonight
When I'm reaching over to you
To find I'm missing you
I'll just hold on tight
And close my eyes
Cause I can't see myself without you

The path is lonely
As the labor seems more like pain
My soul is heavy
Waiting to see you again

No dry eyes tonight
When I'm reaching over to you
To find I'm missing you
I'll just hold on tight
And close my eyes
Cause I can't see myself without you
No I can…

Movie Date

Finally, we had our first movie date after 3 long years.

Have watched werewolves and vampires with my Angel ... Heaven!

Meet my new bestfriend ... Zune!

You're the one thing I can't live without! Love Love Love yah!

Post-Birthday Surprise

səˈpraɪz! - the astonishment you feel when something totally unexpected happens to you
You gotta be kidding me!

It has been a week since my birthday and yet, I'm still amazed of how things are unfolding. After my team, my family and my friend's unprecedented surprises, here comes a very endearing present from my company.

Let me express my earnest appreciation to Big Boss Mark, the managers (Aris, Frances, and Kikoy), sexy Det, and once again, my CCS Team (Sands, Von, Ken, Mike, Magz, Tiw, Lei, Josh and Roms) for your thoughtful messages.

To Sherry, Pio and Dennis, thanks for covering a birthday song for me. You caught me off guard!

You're right, Aris! This has got to be one best year for me because Im still a part of this wondeful company! Looking forward for more! =)


Start Anew @ 26

It's an amazing feeling to have counted not years but the bunch of good souls I've come to know for the past 26 years. For all the people who left messages everywhere and bothered, I greatly value all of your greetings. It means the world to me that you all are thinking of me on my special day.

I am incredibly blessed to be a part of your lives and for letting me share a part of mine.

Special thanks to those who remembered this day:

Nana Upeng, Mom, Dad, Mon, Renz, Echo, Tia Baby, Ton, Kakai, Chel, Herbert Berdan, King Zamora, Khae Arevalo, Lai Mohammed, Gizelle Acero, Morena Reyes, Jeno Serrano, MeAn Santiago, Dexter Legaspi, Doc Ponch Abulencia, Apple "Adik" Cabales, Liezl Camerino, Mommy Heidz dela Cruz, Eunice Abapo, Clarizza Manalo, Kristina Cortez, Antonette Tan, Sherry Navilla, Augs Arevalo, Mafe Ligpitan, Enrico Enriquez, Haya Soriano, Zig Rabara, Grace Paragas, Marga "Auring" Mercado, Jenny dela Rama, Mario Genuis, Selena Salang, Inggun, Madel Berdan…

Pre-Birthday Surprise

Got really flabbergasted!

My team surprised me today. 8 days before my birthday, they already sent me wishes, cake and a gift! My heartfelt (with tears) thanks to Sandy (co-celebrant), Denise, Tiw, Ken, Mike, Von and Frances.

You guys are awesome! 'til next year! Slurp!

Holy Week in the Philippines (Siniloan, Laguna)

PALM SUNDAYIn the Philippines, there are some places where a re-enactment of Jesus' triumphal entry occurs. The Catholic priest rides a horse and is surrounded by the congregation, bearing palms. Sometimes women spread large cloths or aprons along the procession route. Palm branches, called palaspas, are taken home after the Mass and are hung beside, on or above doorways and windows.

After the blessing of the palm branches, the people put the palm branches in front of their house. Although the real objective of placing the leaves in front of houses is to welcome Jesus Christ, some Filipinos say that the palm leaves turn away evil spirits.

GOOD FRIDAYIn the predominantly Roman Catholic Philippines, the day is commemorated with street processions, the Way of the Cross, and a Passion play called the Senakulo. The Church keeps the day solemn by not tolling the church bells, and no Mass will be celebrated.

The Catholic Church treats Good Friday as a fast day, which in the Latin Rite of th…

Pacquiao vs Clottey Live Stream

Times like this, I should be with my family. =(

Online video chat by Ustream

Go PACMAN! Make us Proud!


Today marks my 1st year working in a law firm. I've grown personally and professionally in this period. My heartfelt gratitude goes to my supervisor, Sands and the rest of the CCS team for making this year worth all the stress and hardwork. It has been a great year for me.

Uniquely Singapore: Bugis Street, Orchard Road and River Hongbao (Day 5)

Kids at heart!
We’ve visited almost all of the tourist spots Singapore has to offer. All of our tickets have been used up. Without any scheduled itinerary for today, Ton decided to bring us to the shopping strips around the metro. We’ve started prepping up at 10:00 am. Finally, Kai and I were able to buy roasted duck and liempo at the store (Day 2) across the hostel. We would like to surprise Ton with this packed lunch (it was reversed; we’re the one surprised with his plans!) Boarded at Kallang Station around 12:15 on our way to Bugis Station in roughly 5 minutes! That was fast!

On our way, we dropped by a Tako Pachi stall at Bugis Junction.

Ton bought us 2 boxes of takoyaki. YumYum! The succulent and luscious octopus made me crave for more! I am beginning to fall for Japanese foods!

Now for our first stop, the largest and cheapest street market, Bugis.

As we go along the walkway, a kiwi fruit shake caught my attention. The frosty and creamy look of it was really tempting! I have neve…