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Hey Rjay! It's your Birthday!

The calendar page now turns on the 28th, the onset of my 1st day with a new age. My celfon was bombarded with tons of messages from my Biology block mates and IT batch mates at UE, PREXmates, WEST peeps, DELIKADO gangstahs, TOPPS clique, WEREW and some more friends. It was my Dad who first sends his regards, then my Mom followed by my siblings. My angel, Chel, never failed to start my day too. I just love her so! The very moment I opened my eyes I was buttered up with greetings from Tita Baby and Kakai. It was my first time to celebrate my birthday with my second family.

Heading to the office, I always wear a smirk. (I remembered Tita Baby advised me to incessantly smile before I go to bed last night). I was like a joker quaintly walking in the street telling the whole world “It’s my birthday!” It’s been ages since I last felt this equanimity. A state I’ve been longing for during the past 6 months. I went to the office 2 hours earlier than my usual schedule so I could sneak out just i…

My Birthday Wishlist

Tomorrow, I'll be celebrating my 21st birthday! nyahaha! I come up with a list of things I'd like to give and receive.


and that's it! I realized how blessed I am despite the twists and turns of the previous years. I can't think of anything else to wish for. Just be the way it is. If I deserve more, then I'd be more thankful. I am happy for every single thing I have now.

... as of press time, I am currently receiving lots of text, chat and e-mail messages. I have yet to tell you what tomorrow will be. I'll keep you posted!

सोमेथिंग तो लौघ अबाउट

This really made my day.

Operator: 911 emergencies.
Boy: Yeah I need some help.
Operator: What's the matter?
Boy: With my math.
Operator: With your mouth?
Boy: No with my math. I have to do it. Will you help me?
Operator: Sure. Where do you live?
Boy: No with my math.
Operator: Yeah I know. Where do you live though?
Boy: No, I want you to talk to me on the phone.
Operator: No I can't do that. I can send someone else to help you.
Boy: Okay.
Operator: What kind of math do you have that you need help with?
Boy: I have take aways.
Operator: Oh you have to do the take aways.
Boy: Yeah.
Operator: Alright, what's the problem?
Boy: Um, you have to help me with my math.
Operator: Okay. Tell me what the math is.
Boy: Okay. 16 take away 8 is what?
Operator: You tell me. How much do you think it is?
Boy: I don't know, 1.
Operator: No. How old are you?
Boy: I'm only 4.
Operator: 4!
Boy: Yeah.
Operator: What's another problem, that was a tough one.
Boy: Um, oh here's one. 5 take away 5.
Operator: 5 …

Beyond Six Degrees of Separation

A true Pinoy saint is how Rizalistas regard Dr. Jose Rizal who was the brother of Maria Rizal Mercado who was the mother of Mauricio Rizal Cruz who was the father of Ismael Arguelles Cruz who was the first husband of writer Chitang Guerrero-Nakpil who is the mother of Miss International Gemma Cruz who is the wife of Antonio Araneta who is the cousin of Judy Araneta who is the mother of Mar Roxas who is the reported boyfriend of Korina Sanchez who was once the girlfriend of Noynoy Aquino who was once the boyfriend of Bernadette Sembrano who was once romantically- linked to Vic Sotto who was once romantically- linked to Kris Aquino…

…who lived with Philip Salvador who is the brother of Alona Alegre who was the girlfriend of Romeo Vasquez who was a very special friend of Vilma Santos who was the wife of Edu Manzano who was the husband of Maricel Soriano who was the girlfriend of William Martinez who is the brother of Albert Martinez who is the husband of Liezl Sumilang who is the daughter…

Hate Messages

I left my cellphone for a week at my cousin's house. I was confident enough that everything's fine since I can still be reached through my other 2 phones.

Yesterday, I was able to get hold of my phone and left dumbfounded to see 300+ unread messages and 9 missed calls (from an unknown caller). And much to my surprise, I was thwarted to receive 2 hate messages (2/300+ made me sick) from an overly paranoid guy (Mobile # +639169752801) charging me of stealing his girlfriend. He's cursing me to death. Well, I have bented not to respond as that will worsen the case and can be charged as acceptance of the argument.

I will not deny nor admit what was indicted.
All I can say is, "Bud, get a good grasp of your girl!"

And before I forgot, Mr. Paranoid, don't dare dragging my family name in your hysteria. It's between YOU, ME and your VIXEN! Spare me out of your troubled relationship!

I made it!

It's been roughly a month and a half since I firmly decided to go on a diet and shed a chubb. I was then so optimistic that I'll be able to achieve my desired weight and that will soon boost my confidence to strip off this summer. Little did I get encouragement from my friends that I'll be able to "make wonders" since I'm an alcoholic, a couch potato and a construction worker-type eater. On top of that, even my girl denied the fact that I can stay long imprisoned with my disciplined goal.

I proved them all WRONG!

Last night, I visited a pet shop. Yeah, heard me right! A PET SHOP! A clinic where we had to consult a vet for Chei-Chei's (japanese spitz) check up. She is suffering from chewing gum fits, a sign of canine distemper. Poor Bitch! (a female dog). Good thing, she brought to world an extremely cute pup named "Peachy"! a month ago which will (soon could) be her legacy. I had fun during the visit because I happened to play with a chubby chihua…

My Sin Food

Street Foods - Isaw and Adidas

* But only if prepared by the best cook at Mendiola ( Siniloan, Laguna)

waah ... and a platter of Potato Salad, Bacon Rice and Grilled Chicken in Ranch Sauce

My Birthday Month

Apparently, contrary to the heading, i'm not too excited to face the 28th day of this month as that would add up another year to my age. Hehe ... Well, "It's all in the mind", as I always say.

Looking forward to:

Holy Week Vacation
Beach Bumming (half naked, finally)
First Photoshoot
New car ? / New bank accounts!
Trip to Davao or Palawan
Go Vegan for a Week
Get rid of some more beer guts

... and the list goes on!

Waah! There's too much I have in mind for this month. More yet to explore!